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September 2, 2014

(a portrait of my daughter once a week, every week in 2014)

Julia: age 8.5, having lunch outside during what must have been one of the nicest summer weather seasons we've had in years.

And because I'm a few photos behind:

Well it's a big exciting day around here today...It's BACK TO SCHOOL DAY!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOO!! 3rd grade. I feel like most of my own memories start from the 3rd grade on. I remember 3rd grade like the back of my hand, what about you??

I remember tying my shoelaces together with my best friend's shoelaces and then we couldn't get them apart. We got into a teensy bit of trouble for that. My best friend was this very nice girl named Carolyn and she was from Canada, and sadly she was only in my school for that 3rd grade year before she moved away. I started a new elementary school in 3rd grade. I was so nervous on the first day....it was a school with uniforms and I remember LOVING my uniform. LOOOOOOVED it. 

(I loved it less a few years down the road. The jumper dress was some kind of polyester blend which let me tell you, was a tad bit HOT in the Hawaiian sun. Blechy.)

3rd grade seems like, no more fooling around thinking your kid is tiny anymore. It's a short march until 6th grade and you know what comes after 6th grade?? SEVENTH GRADE. Ohmygoodness, I'm seriously not ready for that.

But you know what's awesome about 3rd grade? THE BOOKS. We've been reading such good books lately ~ oh we finished up 'The Land of Green Ginger' -- I mentioned it in this book list earlier in the summer -- and Julia said "That was the best book you've ever read out loud to me." (the story is about Alladin's son, on a quest with the son of the original Genie of the magical Lamp.)

It's SO funny you guys. You GOTTA read that book. It was serious amazing fun and really really a good one to be a read aloud. There's a Mouse character in the book, who just slayed us. I made a special voice for her, very snooty and raspy sounding and Julia just choked with laughter whenever we were reading dialogue from this crazy Mouse. And the two wicked princes in the story -- Prince Tintac Ping Foo and Prince Rub-Dub Ben Thud -- oh these guys were SO HILARIOUS, you just gotta gotta gotta go seek out the book. Amazing. One of the very best books for kids I've ever come across. Seriously.

Cool Stuff I Like


August 29, 2014

Happy Friday! I was just telling a friend that I don't think I've put anything away in over two weeks. I just don't see the point until the kiddo is in school. It was SO HOT the past few days, almost 90, and I'm really ready to be all done with that biz. We got our summer heat this year and I'm ready to say goodbye, even if that means 8 months of grey. I think I've decided that I'd rather be a little chilly than sweating all over the place and heat flushed to the moon. I hate that feeling of sweating behind your knees. And in your undergarments. (sorry for that.) And we don't even get that crazy hot here! I don't know how you folks in truly hot places cope with extreme heat. Even though we have a few more weeks of summer, for all intensive purposes, I'm going to pretend on my blog that it's Fall.

Here's what I thought we should bond over, this week on the internets:

California roll nachos!

Fish nuggets! 


Hyperventilating about this new Downton Abbey book.

I want to be doing what these people are doing.

LOVE this skirt with the little foxes on it.

Homemade chocolate fudge pop tarts. TOTALLY making these! (i think I may have linked to something similar before, but seriously, I am making these asap. Chocolate pop tarts are my favorite.)

Super cute lunchbox idea. 

For all you Anne of Green Gables lovers! Thank you Leanne for letting me know about this!!!!!

I think this is the best smelling soap in the universe. Have I linked this before? I think I'm linking to all the same stuff over and over.

Cool Book of the Week: 'Best Lunch Box Ever' by Kate Sullivan Morford was created by the blogger behind the site Mom's Kitchen Handbook, which is a really fun blog, focused on seasonal, healthy ways to feed your kids and family. (maybe not pop tarts? sigh.) I'm a sucker for any kind of lunch box cookbook and this year in particular I feel like I need to up my game in the lunchbox department. By the end of the school year last spring, I felt utterly defeated by the lunchbox. I really want to check this book out and hopefully gain some new wind in my lunch packing sails.

Have a LOVELY weekend! Guess what. I got a new bike. For the first time in 30 years, I'm going to go bike riding again. I haZ big big excitement over this! Hopefully it will not rain on me (it's supposed to be showery but I really want to go ride the bike, it's been too hot up until now) and hopefully I will not fall over and break all of my bones.


The Cat in the Hat Dictionary in French


August 27, 2014

BONJOUR MES AMIES! Aujourd'hui, je vais parler seulement en francaise. ONLY JOKING. I will NOT only speak in French today because that would be a hilarious joke that I can't really pull off.

Check it out though! I'm STILL pretending to be French! And I've been meaning to do a post on this awesome 'The Cat in the Hat Beginner Book Dictionary in French' for nearly a year! My mom in law gave this to us. Isn't it the COOLEST?? It really is the funnest book ever.

 Why? Because of awesome bon mots like the above phrase: 'DOES YOUR CAT SPEAK FRENCH? IF NOT, WHY NOT?'

It's very tres importante to savoir if your cat knows French. I think savoir means 'to know'. Oh this mangling of my miniscule French is really fun. You should try it.

What I love most about this book is the fab phrases it teaches you. You need to know how to say that there is a butterfly on your butter. OBVI.  Ooooh I broke a rule, I vowed I would never say 'obvi' on the blog. I also vowed I would never say:

'smitten' (puke)

'totes' (unless being funny and ironical)

'amazeballs' (NO)

or the best and most misused blogging word of all time,

'AWESOMESAUCE' (no no no no no no no no)

Friends, lets just speak French instead, ok?

I LOVE the bad baby, he's around on many pages. He always looks cranky. BAD BABY!!! Un mechant bebe.

This is my art shot. Please admire the shadow lines intersecting with the color lines on the book. That's totes amazeballs. How do you say that in French?

Anyhoo, the entire book is filled with little bears, bad babies, and tiny little aliens who all find themselves in very random situations and predicaments, which is then very helpfully described A LA FRANCAIS.

This boy is totes adorbs. (i don't know what's happening to me.)

 Very important to know how to engage in French discourse about toast.

Do yourself and learn how to speak important and useful French about bad babies, toast and little bears who like to go camping. You'll never regret having this book in your life. This book is a JOY and I love it, love it, love it!




August 24, 2014

(a portrait of my daughter, once a week, every week in 2014)

Julia: my wildflower amongst the wildflowers.

Ok, going by Jodi's schedule, I am way way off. I should be at Week 34. Um, ok next week I'll post 3 pix and consider myself caught up!

I had to beg, badger and cajole and pay $2 to get this photo. I really REALLY wanted a decent shot of her near our wildflower garden.
"Get closer to the wildflowers please." 
"No, there's a bee!" 
"The bee flew away. No, get CLOSER to the wildflowers. PLEASE." 
"I'm going to blow on a dandelion." 
"No I REALLY want you next to the wildflowers, PLEASE." 
"I'm going to look this way (the opposite way I wanted her to look), just take a picture ok? Now I'm going on the swing."
No, seriously can you please just get a little closer to the flowers. CLOSER. Can you just get in the flowers?
(then came the money conversation.)
"Ok nevermind, I have a headache now." 
"Ok, I'll do it!"

That pretty much sums up how our photos get created these days. Oh and she created that little headwrap thingy all on her own and wore it everywhere for several days.

Cool Stuff I Like


August 22, 2014

Look at my sweet jam! Found it at a local farmer's market. You can find it here.

Oh my goodness, I feel like I've been on a long ocean voyage, that's how it seems when I've been away from my blog for too long. End of summer craziness. Right now we've had swim lessons and soccer league practice....on the same days. This will end next week when swimming ends, THANK THE STARS. I'll have a Project 52 post up on Sunday. Friends, can I share that I really do not enjoy the end of summer. I enjoy every other seasonal change, I do. But not this one, and not because I'm sad about summer's end. I just don't like August for some reason. Maybe it's because I love autumn so much, I can't wait to just get on with it. The end of summer always just feels like a season that's overstayed its welcome. May/June is the promise of summer. July is the festive yay! it's summer! season, but August just seems hot and sticky and irritable-ish. Like a low grade fever. Does anyone catch my vibe here??

Fun cool things this week:

DIY orange soda.

Back to School dressing with Curly Birds and Tea Collection! 

Great article about kids and reading. 

This is such a cute idea for personalized puzzles.

Awesome post on taking creative pictures of your family.

12 Back-to-school breakfasts.

New Ikea stuff!!

I really want a playhouse. For myself.

Have I already linked to Lamb Loves Fox? Magical photography.

Oh Joy! for Target Fall collection.

Cool Book of the Week: 'Pioneer Girl: The Annotated Biography' by Laura Ingalls Wilder and Pamela Smith Hill (editor). Finally. FINALLY. Omg, this book has been in the works for years and years. Laura Ingalls Wilder saw some craaaaaaazyyyyy $$#@$%^ on the prairie. And the craziest stuff didn't make it into her books ~ she and her daughter (Rose, who co-wrote and edited the books with her) went back and forth on a lot of the material, with Rose deeming a lot of it inappropriate for children's books.) A wife getting pulled around by her hair by her husband and a dude lighting himself on fire? Wowza. 'Pioneer Girl' is Laura's own, never-before-edited or published autobiography that was meant for adult audiences, and features a ton of notes and annotations by Wilder scholar Pamela Smith Hill. I CANNOT WAIT.

Have a lovely weekend! Julia and I were quite delighted to see Halloween deco at a local store the other day. I know, that's wrong. But we were delighted nevertheless.


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