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March 2, 2015

First off, I didn't mean to take the entire week away from the blog last week! If you hang with me on Facebook (would you like to hang with me on Facebook??), then you know that I spilled tea on my laptop. Oopsie. Andrew mandated a couple of things - no more open containers of liquid near the computer, and also that we leave the computer to dry out for three to four days. Can I tell you how addicted to blogging I am? When I was finally allowed to turn the computer back on, it was like saying hello to a long lost beloved friend. ONLY 3 DAYS, and I was missing my computer/photos/blog so much! Andrew shook his head at me.

But let's move on! To treats! Specifically, treats in bags! Julia recently had her birthday, and as I was packing up goody bags for her party, it suddenly occurred to me that I'd done a fine job this year of assembling that birthday party staple - the goody bag.

I'm kind of obsessed with party favors. I love the idea of them, because a bag filled with treats is Very Nice Indeed. I love the birthday etiquette dance of it all - you bring a present and then you get a bag of thank you treats! But.....sometimes I feel like goody bags just serve as a dumping ground for leftover Halloween candy or something. At the risk of offending anyone whose party I've ever attended, sometimes I find that they are filled with the most random of random. Not that my daughter cares. ANY goody bag is a fine goody bag to her. It could have paper towels and a stick of gum and she'd think that was fanflippingtastic.

But I managed to delight myself with my collection of treats and when I delight myself, by golly, you guys are going to hear ALL about it! I discovered a few new things this year - purchasing some sets of items and breaking them up proved to be a more cost effective way of amassing treats than if I had bought everything individually. Also, the craft store is my friend sometimes.

We had Julia's party at the house this year (WHYYYYYYY do I keep getting talked into this??), so that freed up a bit of extra money to spend on treats, since the venue was at home. I went for a couple of things that were super fun - an American Girl doll sticker set, and a Tapeffiti set, which I then broke apart and put individually into little brown paper bags. I found the doll stickers, the brown paper bags, glow bracelets ($2 for an entire container of 12!), little colorful mini clothespins (to close the bags) and cupcake and candle stickers all at the craft store. Oh I also found some bubblegum smelling markers that were on clearance. (these bear-shaped markers are darling and would be cute put into party favor bags - Julia used to have some like this and they smelled great!)

The American Girl doll sticker kit is SUPER cute - and comes with a ton of different sheets featuring the historical dolls - I just ripped out sheets and attached a sticker sheet to the back of each bag with a clothespin. The whole sticker set would actually be an awesome gift all by itself.

The Tapeffiti kit and the Mamba candy I found at Target. (the candy was in the dollar bin!) I'M OBSESSED WITH TAPEFFITI. Giving the whole kit is one of my go-to birthday party gift ideas. No idea what a kid would like? Tapeffiti! BECAUSE WHO DOESN'T LOVE COLORFUL TAPE?? WHO??

Mamba appears to be just basically a fancier looking version of Starburst candy, and I totally loved the packaging. I found the Tiny Size Chiclet gum at a local candy store - you might have to scout around a bit to find these, but they are seriously adorable, like rainbow gum that is sized for fairies. And the My Little Pony trading cards came as a pack that I found at the drugstore, and I just broke it open and put in one trading card into each bag.

These cupcake stickers were seriously adorable! I thought they gussied up the paper bags quite nicely. I found the clothespins at the craft store - these are somewhat similar.

Oh one last thing! I also delighted myself with this idea, which we carried out a couple years ago - Julia had a sleepover birthday and I hid all the party favors around the house and the girls had a scavenger hunt to go find them. Each hiding spot had enough of each kind of treat to fill the girls' bags, and they had to hunt as a group.

Well there you have it - I've just written more words about a party favor bag than I ever thought possible. #Blogging is hilarious. But seriously, if I were 9 years old and getting a goody bag, this is a bag I would have wished to receive. I'm very in touch with my inner 9 year old, (also my inner 13 year old) so I know what I'm talking about. I'd like to be in touch with my inner 23 year old because I think my body was in perfect health at that time with no aches or pains and that was awesome.

cool stuff i like


February 20, 2015

Happy Friday! Not my best effort with the camera phone but I figured if I scribbled all over the picture in bright garish colors, that would improve things, yes? Julia and Andrew were at the pet store last week and she insisted that our puppy needed a sweater. With a hoody. With a pom pom on the top. She looks SO HAPPY in it!!!??? She's lucky that she won't stay this size, because I think then that Julia and I would happily get her an outfit for every day of the week, much to Nomi's and Andrew's deep, deep chagrin.

My online finds o' cool this week:

This banana-coconut-chocolate snack cake is happening asap.

SO pretty!

Dollhouses made from IKEA products. 

Fairy tales and chocolate orange cheesecake. A winning combo.

I've been watching this show and I LOVE IT.

Lucky Chinese New Year and Noodles. 

H&M spring!

Um, these stuffies are super duper adorable.

Grownup books to read in 2015. (I'm all over the new Kazuo Ishiguro novel!)

A beautiful cake that would be just right for springtime.

Cool Book of the Week: I'm thinking about trying to find 'My Dog! A Kids' Guide to Keeping a Happy & Healthy Pet' by Michael J. Rosen from the library, or some other book like it, for Julia. She adores her puppy, she adores reading animal how-to's and informational nonfiction books about animals in general, so hey, I might as well put her to work in terms of taking care of raising this dog to be a decent doggy member of society.

Have a lovely weekend! Our weather can't decide what it's doing - all I know is that cherry blossoms are blooming IN FEBRUARY and that is both confusing and wrong. I wasn't prepared to start taking cherry blossom photos of Julia yet! #blogger problems


a little princess


February 16, 2015

I've waited a long time to write a post about 'A Little Princess' by Frances Hodgson Burnett. One of the reasons I started this blog was so that some day I could feature this most lovely of books.

I received my copy when I was 9, and this week is Julia's 9th birthday. So this is one of her presents. I still have my copy and it's in fine condition...but I got another copy to give to Julia because this newest copy has a beautiful feature to it - the hardback cover underneath the book jacket matches the jacket completely! Isn't it so disappointing sometimes to take off a book jacket only to find some dull cover underneath?

I have strong feelings about the fact that I think the only copy people should own is the one illustrated by Tasha Tudor. The Tasha version can be hard to find, but I found mine new in a bookstore that sells both new and used books. I know there are other lovely artistic renderings, but I can't imagine not reading this particular version.

After I bought the book for Julia, I sat with it in my car, waiting for Julia at soccer practice last autumn. I re-read the ending. WITH TEARS ROLLING DOWN MY FACE. Parts of this book are like a sucker punch to the heart, don't you think?

I'm going to imagine that everyone in the known world has read this classic masterpiece, but just in case you haven't read it......

Sara Crewe, the heroine of the tale, is left in a boarding school at age seven. Her beloved father is her only parent and unbelievably wealthy, and although she's separated from him, he makes sure that she wants for nothing. In addition to being materially well endowed, she's also kind, clever, and sensitive. She's so caring and sweet to the other students at her school, that she earns the nickname 'a little princess'.

Sadly, a few years later, the daddy dies - and the headmistress of her school (Miss Minchin, who's cruel and mean and wicked and terrible) loses her mind when she realizes that her golden goose student is not going to lay any more eggs. So she strips Sarah of everything she owns and turns her into a servant at the school, forcing her to live with rats in the school attic. Sarah nearly starves, while living in this wretched state.

Through a complicated series of events (here, read this if you want every last detail of the plot), food and lovely furnishings begin appearing, as if by magic, in her attic hovel. It turns out that her daddy's best friend and business partner has been searching for her for years, and this man's personal assistant has befriended Sarah (not knowing who she is) and has decided to make her living circumstances a bit more tolerable. In the end, the daddy's best friend realizes who Sarah is, and takes her in as his own. IT WILL MAKE YOU CRY AND CRY.

It's SO FLIPPING BEAUTIFUL, and through it all, Sarah never loses her hope or her belief that life is best spent being kind to others.

It's one of The Books. The books that define your childhood. It did mine. It pretty much makes me want to cry, knowing that I'm about to give one of the best books of my childhood to my daughter. I think I might have some kind of breakdown when it comes time to give her 'Anne of Green Gables'. (I read 'Anne' when I was 11.)

I'm seriously just ready to cry about this whole birthday - the last before double digits begin to happen. My beautiful girl is getting this beautiful book and I love her so much and I love this book so much and OH MY GOODNESS. I don't know what to do with myself. I've lost all coherency so I'm going to wrap up this post. If you're looking for something special to add to your home library, this is it.

cool stuff i like


February 13, 2015

Happy Friday, sweethearts! Julia has pronounced Valentine's Day to be her favorite holiday - she ranked it above and  beyond Christmas! She wanted to make homemade cards this year with doilies - because shouldn't Valentine's Day be all about the cards?? And not just the candy?? No? Yes? Anyway, I dutifully trundled off to the craft store. I'm very afraid of the craft store. I feel like the craft store is some kind of....TEST. That I fail every time. It just serves a big reminder of how clumsy and non-crafted abilified I am. But I did find fabric washi tape! Did you know there was such a thing? I did not. It's like fabric on the top side, with the sticky tape on the back. Peeling off the tape though.....I won't say what I want to say because it's a very naughty word.

Online goodness this week came in the form of:

Cook's Illustrated best ever blondies.

This doughnut pillow is awesome.

A tiny hamster Valentine's date!! 

These dolls are amazing. Thank you Danzel for letting me know about this!



I love mini baking sets. 

These are fabulous red lacquer picture frames. 

Goldfish tea bags that move?? Creepy or cool? My pal Julia sent me the link with this very question.

Great new series on Design Mom.

Cool Book of the Week: Well, two actually. I mentioned not long ago how enamored I am with the art works of Nicoletta Ceccoli. Her art is a fairy tale, wrapped up in an enchanted dream. I had no idea she had these books dedicated to showcasing her amazing style. I'd LOVE to see 'Daydreams' and 'Sweet and Low - The Art of Nicoletta Ceccoli'! I haven't viewed the interiors of these, so I have no idea really of what's inside, or if everything is kid appropriate. But she's one of my favorites, and you should really check out her books, if she's a new-to-you artist.

Have a lovely weekend and a very Happy and Chocolatey Valentine's Day!


springtime goodies from terrain


February 11, 2015

Nope, this post is not sponsored by Terrain. I WISH. I'm just kind of obsessed with that shop, and I was looking at the website the other day because I had seen something pretty from there on Pinterest, and well, now we have a little post o' pretties from Terrain.

Doesn't everything look so fresh and springy? I know there's another month of winter and a lot of you are knee deep in snow, but I thought just the idea of springtime looming on the horizon might bring a smile to someone's face.

By now, maybe some of you might have realized how this blog works. It often functions as my personal wish list - books I want to read or share, recipes I want to make, things I'd like to decorate my home with - I like to use it, a lot of the time, as a personal memo board of Lovely and Uplifting Things. Every single item in the collage up above is something I'd love to have!

The frosted rose vase collection...oh my stars. Looooooooooove.

One of these days, I'm going to have the garden party/tea soiree I've been planning in my head for years, and these garden party straws are going to be in the drinks! Terrain even says they're for garden parties!!

The robin's-egg-blue beeswax tapers are just gorgeous, don't you think? I think they'd be amazing in early spring - still cold a lot of the time, so that candles wouldn't seem out of place, but in a color that makes you think about sunnier days ahead.

I've never seen 'Seasonal Baking' by Fiona Cairns in person, but I'd like to change that state of affairs.

Sarabeth's Hot Chocolate Parisienne? MOTHER'S DAY GIFT PLEASE.

And this edition of 'Henny Penny' by Paul Galdone would be perfect for Easter baskets.

Lastly, these lavender heart soaps are the prettiest little things, and come in the most enchanting box. This would be an amazing gift for anyone in the spring!

I officially just got super excited for winter to vamoose itself.

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