June 18, 2019

new anne of green gables boxes!

Something interesting began happening with my Anne of Green Gables book surprise boxes. Turns out....I'm selling many more of these to the adult Anne fans than I have to the younger set just discovering Anne! It occurred to me that I needed to tweak my original Anne box a bit to reflect the tastes of a more grown up audience. So I've made a few changes. (I still offer my Anne box which uses beautiful editions with styling more geared towards the junior set, and the most darling Anne stickers, cards and notepads!)

Oh - and to remind - pricing and ordering details can be found up above at my blog header, click the 'Info' tab.

The primary change that I made was in the choosing of the cover art style. (Please see here for the editions that I love using for younger audiences. The entire series with that cover art is GORGEOUS.) I find the art style of the covers up above to be more elegant and romantic, and just perfect for my Anne boxes going to grownups who have never (never!) outgrown their love for all things Anne Shirley.

For my original Anne boxes, I use the most darling ANNE OF GREEN GABLES wrapping paper that I have to special order - whereas I'm using a more refined style of wrapping for my adult boxes, and I'm including new gorgeous art cards that have Anne's inspirational quotes.

Something new that's going into ALL Anne boxes for as long as I can get the material are these lovely Anne of Green Gables-inspired 'Raspberry Cordial' soaps. SO excited about these!  I partnered with fragrance fairy Julie from Parchment Studios, and she granted my wish of creating a custom made product for my Anne boxes, and I couldn't be more delighted with what she created for me. They are absolutely perfect and match the aesthetic of my Anne boxes in a way I didn't think possible!

Seriously gorgeous, right?! I squealed when these arrived.

I knew that I wanted to include some kind of Anne bath or beauty item if possible, and I did get some of these Anne of Green Gables bath bombs down below, but sadly they are not easy for me to get my hands on. I have a few of these in stock, but once I saw the magic that Parchment Studios was able to create for me, I decided to switch over to the Raspberry Cordial soaps, instead of the bath bombs. Bath bombs are fun, but over and used up in a flash. So once the stock I have on hand is gone, I won't be re-ordering any more.

Some other changes I've made to the Anne box - I'm discontinuing the use of fat quarters of Anne fabric  - instead I'm including vintage-esque socks or a vintage floral print mini bag, the choice of which is determined by what kind of stock is available.

I've received so many emails expressing EXTREME JOY from recipients of the Anne boxes. One that remains a treasured memory is the one from the mama who wrote me and said that the Anne box would be an experience her daughter would remember forever. I cried about that, because I remember so clearly at age 11 when my aunt sent me my boxed set of the Anne series, and how the Anne books became my literary BFF's. You never stop being an Anne fan!

So whether you know someone who has yet to have their first Anne of Green Gables experience, or you long for a beautiful new copy and some Anne-ish treats to boot....I've got you covered with these boxes.

Also.......soon to be chatted about more.....Emily of New Moon boxes.

June 14, 2019

cool stuff i like

Happy Friday! Over on Instagram, I posted my peonies-on-steroids and here's what my husband had to say about them: "they remind me of a prom dress from the '80's - pink, frilly, and too much material." Well. Huh. I'm reminded that I haven't had much of his commentary on the blog in a LONG time, and that I should get it together this summer and create a summer reading list for him to critique. (Although I'm pretty certain that NOTHING will ever top this post.)

In box news, I'm reminding that there's still space to order my Summer in Paris book surprise box for another week, and then I'm closing the theme. I will have some other options to order this summer - Anne of Green Gables boxes (they've been tweaked! Post next week.), British boxes, and a couple other things I'll chat about soon.

Online things to share:

These cookies.

This cookbook. (from my home state! totally getting this.) 

Lots and lots of summer reading lists for kids of all age ranges HERE.

I'll watch anything Julian Fellowes creates.

You can make this and pretend you're in the south of France.

Susan Branch is getting ready for summer.

I think I put this Old Fashioned Rhubarb Pudding Cake recipe up on Facebook - for those of you not on there, here it is again. (See the photo up above.) It's MAGICAL, and I'll be doing it with peaches later in summer, and then plums in the fall.

This will make you happy.

Have fun going down this rabbit hole!

'This moment in June'

Cool Book of the Week:
Well if you recall from my last Cool Stuff post, my pre-ordering finger was at the ready, and now I'm about to give it a real workout because OMG Maggie Stiefvater (of my beloved 'Raven Boys' fame - have you read those? I WAS OBSESSED. You know about my strange East Coast prep school obsession right?) has written a new trilogy and the first one is called 'Call Down the Hawk' and one of the main characters is one of the Raven Boys! I'm so out of my mind thrilled that she's continuing on with that world. *Mild spoiler* for 'The Raven Boys' - if you recall, one of the boys has a very particular ability with dreams. I seriously can't wait for this.

Have a lovely weekend and a Happy Father's Day to the daddies - I have a cold and I'm hoping to finally get a chance to watch this movie. Go make that rhubarb pudding cake!


June 6, 2019

summer in paris book box

Bonjour ma petites! I'm officially making the announcement for my 2019 Summer book surprise boxes. Time to get your pre-ordering finger out! If you like the vibe of these photos, you're going to love the book I've chosen, as well as the tea and treats that are going into this latest box. (remember - you can always email me and request a title reveal! I have a backup book in mind, in case someone asks me and hates what I've chosen ha ha)

Here are the details - through my subscribers, I'm already half full with this theme, and because I order my books from England most of the time, I need a long runway to order books and create the boxes. So the point is - I won't be taking orders for this one all summer. I'll take orders for the next couple of weeks (or until I hit capacity) and then close the theme. Please see HERE for pricing and general box ordering info!

I'm expecting to get these out later in July - I have to wait a few weeks for the books to arrive to me in the mail.

I'm not sure why exactly I landed on a vintage Paris theme - I've read that it's actually dismally hot there in the summer and most of the locals leave the city. But I've been wanting to do something with a French theme for awhile, and I thought that summer was the best time to do it. When I do the full box reveal after boxes have been shipped, I'll talk more about how choosing the book for this box nearly drove me to learn every swear word in the French language. At one point, I had over ten books out from the library. It was terribly difficult to choose, but I finally decided on two of them. I'm not sure if I'll do a half half split, or just go with one title. I'm so tricksy that way.

Anyway! This will be a very jolie, very charmante box, that will hopefully delight your inner Francophile. A bientot!

May 31, 2019

cool stuff i like

Happy Friday! It's a small miracle, I'm getting a Cool Stuff post out actually on a Friday, which is when these posts used to always come out. Then it switched sometimes to a Monday, and then it just became whenever-I-got-it-together type of affair, which is fine. But I feel happier with myself when I actually manage to get one of these out on a Friday. I did not bake the bread up above. My husband isn't really much of a cook. But he's teaching himself to make bread. This bread, warm out of oven, is just about the best.thing.ever. Julia and I tear into it like ravenous wolves whenever he makes one. He uses the everyday bread recipe from this book.

Box news! I'll have a new Anne of Green Gables box post up next week, because I've tweaked my original box a bit. I'm sending out a batch of Anne boxes out this June, and will continue to take orders on it throughout the summer and early fall. And I've yet to officially make a post for my summer box, which is Paris themed, but because I order my books mostly from England, NOW is a good time to place your pre-order! See here for more info. I've been selling out within hours of making announcements of a new box, and I'm half full with the summer box. Remember - I only make small batches of book boxes per each seasonal theme!

Classic birthday cake.

Rita Konig's Victorian farmhouse in the English countryside.

Summer fruit desserts from Food52.

If you were any type of Youngish Person in the '80's, you'll particularly enjoy this read.

Mentioning again. Are you following Haley Boyd yet on Instagram? Her IG stories are full of environmentally friendly tips for everyday living.

My summer Pinterest board.

I'm going to set my bread-making husband on attempting Japanese Milk Bread.

If you're not listening to the Menopodcast, you're missing a GOOD TIME.

MFAMB's ode to the summer porch.

I don't know what's going on with the recent UFO news but I'm ALL IN.

Cool Book of the Week: GET YOUR PRE-ORDERING FINGER OUT. Omg I've been waiting. AND WAITING. And.......still waiting. WAITING SOME MORE. And thank you book fairies! Erin Morgenstern of the best-book-ever 'The Night Circus' fame, has FINALLY written a new book. Coming this fall. I'm cool with it, Erin. Brilliance takes time, I get it.

Now look. If you are 1) weird or 2) mistaken or 3) DELUSIONAL and didn't really enjoy 'The Night Circus' just scoot on by. Please SCOOTY scoot. I don't want to even debate about it. It will just upset me needlessly. WE WON'T DISCUSS IT if you didn't love her first book. My Obsession with 'The Night Circus' has never waned, and I read it once a year or so. So I really don't care what 'The Starless Sea' is about. (but the fact that it appears to be another grownup fairy tale, this time about a mysterious magical book and an ANCIENT LIBRARY hidden underneath the earth seriously has my heart racing.)

I'll have to devote another Pinterest board to her new book, much like I did in creating a Pinterest board for 'The Night Circus'. Oh and here's the book trailer!

Seriously. I have to go fan myself. Between this book, and the 'Downton Abbey' movie, I'm going to be a living my best life come this Autumn.


May 28, 2019

posie gets cozy apothecary box

I am so happy to show off this loveliness! Actually, I'm ALWAYS happy to have a chance to wax poetical about the magical Alicia Paulson, head fairy over at Posie Gets Cozy. Now before I get you all excited about this show and tell I'm about to do - I have to let you know that this Apothecary Box she created earlier this spring is SOLD OUT - but she might be offering a few of the items in it a la carte in the future, and she is always creating new sewing and embroidery kits - and her creativity knows NO BOUNDS, so keep checking her web shop to check on new offerings!

So, you might have seen that I've switched gears around here and have moved my focus from discussing children's books to creating book & treat surprise boxes. And it gives me great joy putting these packages together. But........I sometimes feel sad that I DON'T GET ANY BOXES. Somehow Alicia was able to glean this out of the air and she created something just for me (it wasn't just for me), but seriously she must have scanned my brain and thought What Would Melissa Adore?

The answer to this question OF COURSE was a 'Secret Garden' inspired Apothecary Box. With so.many.lovely.treasures.

As soon as I saw her mentioning this box, I had my ordering finger out. And I have to confess something shameful - I got the box in order to give to someone else. AND THEN I DECIDED TO KEEP IT because I loved the sound of it so much! And when it arrived.....oh my. OH MY. My daughter and I did not act like Civilized People when the box arrived, because we kept arguing over who got to keep what.

('The Secret Garden' book is my own and did not come with the box.) Alicia took her inspiration from this most lovely of classic stories, and let me take this chance to SHOUT at you that you must please please please get the Tasha Tudor versions of both 'The Secret Garden' and 'A Little Princess'. Because they are the best and have the best art, and smooth, heavy, creamy pages, and you must have the Tasha versions.

Each item in the apothecary box was/is beyond wonderful. (oh. if you're on your phone and want to see some funny business surrounding the word 'apothecary' please go to my Instagram Tea Stories highlights and watch the 4th snippet ha ha ha.)  Alicia made each and every item herself, and as pretty as every thing looks, the fragrances are even better.

Let me share about every piece ~ first there was a flower-infused salt and milk Spring Garden Bath Soak, that smells so amazing I can't even articulate.

Also included was a mini candle made with dried flowers and tiny gem chips, and a handmade bar of cold-processed soap in the prettiest shades of dusty rose and caramel - it looks like something you could EAT. (legal disclaimer: but please don't eat it.) There was also a lotion bar with a floral embossed design on the top that came in its own keepsake tin.

AND LASTLY, and this was my daughter's favorite item - there was a scented wax sachet decorated with gorgeous dried botanicals. Everything is so pretty I'm honestly a little hesitant to actually use anything because I don't want any of it to disappear! But now that I've photographed the contents and have now had a chance to properly rhapsodize about this box o' delight, I am going to finally choose a place in which to hang the wax sachet, and I'm going to make tea and light the candle, and I'm going to put the soap in my guest bathroom (it's HUGE! It'll last for ages!), and I'm going to save the bath soak for times when I really really need a pick-me-up bath.

Last summer, Alicia was so sweet and she gave my boxes a shout out on her blog, a kindness for which I am forever grateful because she basically jump started my box business. Her blog posts are something I always always always look forward to, and I can't wait to see what lovely creations she comes up with next. My ordering finger is at the ready.