June 18, 2018

Teen Summer Box Reveal

Happy Monday my lovelies! I wanted to pop in today to let you know that I have five boxes up for grabs for my teen summer boxes. As always, I show & tell more of the content for boxes for the kids - because I'd want to know about what my child was getting in the mail, so I'm always more upfront about those boxes. I don't have a picture of every last thing, but you can refer back to this post to see the other items. It's all very summery and fresh - these milk carton shaped sheet masks are DARLING and come in different 'flavors'.

SO cute right?

There's also going to really darling sea glass note cards, fruity lip gloss, and the prettiest vintage-style lace headbands. Head on over to my Instagram profile to catch a video peek of the headbands! They are LOVELY.

And as you can see, these bath bombs are also part of the party - they smell amazing and are wrapped like pastel pieces of tropical fruit. I made this box to suit MY inner teen - your actual teen might not be into these things but I know my almost-teen would be, so shhhhhhh she's getting one of these too!

I had a few books in mind, but ultimately went with 'Love & Gelato' by Jenna Evans Welch - it comes highly highly reviewed in the 'clean' section of Amazon's YA fiction romance department. I've read most of it, and it's very charming and sweet. I have some other books that I'm also really excited about for teens, but I'll save that for another box. I'll drop this hint for you - a Time Traveling Teen Box will be happening at some point.

This box is just right for older tweens and young teens!

I hope you like the look of this cutie - It's light, pretty, summery and fun. And to remind, there are FIVE left, and these are $29 plus shipping/handling, U.S. and Canada orders only.

Also! Later in the week on Instagram, I'll be announcing my summer box for adults and taking pre-orders. :) Have a wonderful start to your week, and let me wish you HAPPY SUMMER a few days before the solstice! xoxoxo

June 8, 2018

cool stuff i like

Happy Friday to you! I have to share about a super fun thing I'm participating in over on Instagram. It's a #12daysofannestagram challenge, and it's glorious to see such an outpouring of X-treme Anne love! One of the prompts a few days ago was to share something you'd love, if you already adore all things Anne - and my choice was 'The Anne of Green Gables Cookbook', which was written by Lucy Maud Montgomery's granddaughter, Kate Macdonald. It's a BEAUTIFUL book, with so many recipes that will seriously make you feel like you're sitting smack in the middle of Avonlea. If you love Anne, you neeeeeeeeed to check this one out.

Also worthy of checking out this week:

Just made this dessert last weekend. LIKE A LEMON CLOUD.

Did you all know about The Austen Project????? Have I been under a rock??? And where are the last two books??? Thoughts and insights please, if you've read any of these.

Julia and I just watched this movie and it. was. great.

Do you have a kid super into slime? You should know about this website.

Ok this was just the cutest thing I've read in a long long time.

Making asap.

The NY Times Summer Reading lists.

Prairie dresses!!!!!!! I got the H&M version, oh yes I did.

The history of David Austin roses. And a lot of the care tips were totally opposite of what I thought.

Cool Book of the Week: Even though my focus is shifting here due to my book surprise boxes and the growing up of my kiddo, I still see things that I love for the tiny tots - and since it's been all Anne all the time around here lately, I thought this sweetness needed to be shown. 'Anne's Colors' by Kelly Hill is so darling and adorable, and the embroidered art style pictures are totally engaging. I would have gone for this in a hot minute if I had a toddler aged kiddo. I would definitely give this as a gift! There's one about numbers as well, which is equally charming. Pair them with each other and bam, cutest present ever!

Have a lovely weekend! It's supposed to rain, so I think after all the sad happenings in the news this week, I'm going whisk Julia up and go see 'Ocean's 8', which is supposed to be totally great.


June 3, 2018

summer surprise box for teens

Hello hello hello! It's JUNE! I got to thinking the other day......and came up with this summery confection of a box. No, this is NOT my seasonal summer box for grownups - THAT box will be my July box. (a few of my seasonal subscribers wanted their summer box in June - I got you guys covered!)

This box here is just a little bee I had in my bonnet. If anyone is interested. I'll also be doing a summer adventure box for kids that I'll talk about later in the month, as well as a new type of all year round box I'll be offering. If you're keeping track, that roster currently includes Cozy Teatime, British Box, Anne of Green Gables, and Moomintrolls.

Ok so this teen box! I just got inspired. When I was between the ages of 11 and 13, I read every Harlequin Teen Romance book I could get my hands on. When I got to college, my roommate had literally CRATES of romance books that she would pass up and down the hall. I read all of those too. Those were some hilarious bodice rippers, I tell ya. And then......I just stopped with romance novels. But I do love a cute love story, always!  So I put together an idea for a box for the 7th thru 9th grade set - any kids older than that will probably look at this stuff and chortle, because kids these days are SO JADED and OVER IT, AMIRIGHT LOL. My daughter would die if she could see how I was writing this.

The books I'm showing (choose one! I couldn't choose!) are categorized as CLEAN, according to Amazon - as in nothing goes beyond hand holding/kissing and no inappropriate language. Both are summer romance stories specifically. In the first book up at the top of the post, the meet-cute happens in a BOOKSTORE. The other story takes place in Italy. Both are the type of book that would have made my teen heart swell with joy. I speed read 'Fifteenth Summer', and it's ridiculously delightful - the boy actually used the word "peckish" when he got hungry, and the girl wears vintage clothing and reads 'Little Women' once a year, every year. I WANT TO ADOPT THEM.

I always show & tell more about the kiddo boxes - here's the gist, one of each item:

SHEET MASKS packaged in the shape of flavored milk cartons.

LACE VINTAGE STYLE head wraps/head bands

BLUEBERRY Japanese gum


FRUITY lip gloss



Got a young teen girl with a summer birthday? Got a young teen girl who needs a care package at camp? GOT A YOUNG TEEN GIRL? This box might be for you.

"But Melissa! MY teen is into vintage. And mysteries. Please give me a slightly different summer escapist read for my teen." Alrighty! 'The Moon Spinners'. Only with a more cool retro cover that fits into the color scheme I have going on up above ha ha ha.

($29 for this box, plus shipping & handling. US and Canada orders only.) If you want one, message me here with your email, or at juliasbookbag (at) gmail (dot) com with your email, or PM me on Instagram, with your email - the key phrase is that I need an email address, ha, so I can invoice you! And let me know which book to put in! XOXO

May 25, 2018

inside the anne of green gables box!

Ahhhhhh more Anne of Green Gables surprise box goodness to talk about today! And some FUN NEWS down below that you are going to be extremely delighted about. I'm showing & telling a bit more of the box contents, now that my first batch has been mailed - and if you missed the announcement on my Instagram - I'm going to be offering the Anne boxes all year round - because I love Anne that much, and I had no intention of having this box only being a flash in the pan and disappearing.

If you're just now hearing about my Anne of Green Gables surprise boxes, please pop over to this post, where it explains a bit more about what's inside, and what the book style looks like!

Also - this post isn't showing everything in the box - not shown are the darling bookmarks, stationery items, and pencils. Oh actually I'm re-using last week's Cool Stuff post lead photo - here it is again showing some of the postcards:

So just to recap - the Anne surprise boxes will have a BOOK - you tell me which title in the series you would like - and I have some paperback editions that I'm using that have the prettiest cover art! Also included: some Anne fabric, darling washi deco tape that seems very Anne-esque, a gorgeous postcard, an Anne pencil, lemon-raspberry candies, fruity herbal teas, a bookmark and stickers! (I'm not charging nearly enough for this box, lol.)

The Anne boxes are $31 plus shipping/handling, U.S. and Canada orders only. If you'd like one, email me at juliasbookbag (at) gmail (dot) com or leave a comment down below, and I'll send you an invoice!

But I also have to share THIS DOSE OF COOL: there's an amazing contest going on hosted by anneofgreengables.com - the official site of the original Anne of Green Gables movies! This post is not sponsored, but they got in touch with me and asked me to share their news, which I'm delighted to do. You can enter for a chance to win a digital copy of the entire Anne of Green Gables collection at gazebotv.com.

The last day of the contest is May 31, so there are 6 days left to enter this Anne contest and win a free digital copy collection. And I'm totally thrilled to discover GazeboTV from Sullivan Entertainment - so. many. movies. 'Road to Avonlea', 'An Avonlea Christmas', allllllllll the Anne movies with Megan Follows, and scores of other movies and shows. There's a movie version of 'Jane of Lantern Hill'!!!! Guys? I'M ENTERING THIS CONTEST MYSELF, ha ha. You need to check this out!

Ok I'm giddy from all this Anne goodness. I've had my foot on the gas pedal pretty hard with the Anne biz, but when someone wrote to me after getting a box for her daughter, I knew it was all worth it:
"Your package was amazing!! It brought her so much joy and excitement and delight.
Honestly, she will remember this box for the rest of her life. It was already her favorite book, but this box was very special."
 So yeah after reading that, I CRIED. Anne has been so personally meaningful to me, and if I can share that in any way with others, why yes I will cheerfully sit packing and wrapping up Anne boxes alllllllldayyyyyylong. #annefan4life

May 21, 2018

Cool Stuff I Like

HULLO lovelies! I hope hope hope that many of you got your eyes on this post about the Anne of Green Gables boxes that I'm doing; it's definitely not too late to get in on that action! Up above is a display of some really amazing cards that are being included in the box.

Ok, the ROYAL WEDDING!!!! I didn't get up to watch it, sadly. But there was so much online to watch and see, so it's ok. I remember getting up at 3am Hawaii time as a little girl watching Diana get married. Oh how I loved her. I enjoyed pretty much every aspect of this wedding and I love love loved what I've seen of it. This piece is a nice recap, if you missed it. And there's a TON of discussion of the minutiae going on over at Lainey Gossip. Did you watch? Did you read? Did you love?

Other cool things to check out:

Loved this house tour.

Keanu is a national treasure. So's Winona Ryder, for that matter. CAN'T WAIT FOR THIS MOVIE.

Oh - speaking of TV, Julia and I watched this documentary and it was fascinating!  - we both really liked it.

Annnnnnd - I just heard recently about this show - it's supposed to be just wonderful.

My current bedtime read.

The world's best pasta sauce.


Dumpling meatballs.

The modern traditional look.

10 cozy things to make for May.

Cool Book of the Week: Some of the absolute best things to come out my blogging experience are the many friendships I've made over the years with lovely people who enjoy a lot of the same things that I do - one such friend is Leanne, and she asked if I knew about 'Marilla of Green Gables : A Novel' by Sarah McCoy, coming out Fall 2018. I flipped my lid, because NO, I did not know about it. Marilla's back story? SIGN ME UP. I'll read the book. Where's the movie? You might want to get your pre-ordering finger out now, because I have a feeling that much like 'Pioneer Girl' did, this book is going to sell like hot cakes and might be hard to get when it comes out.

Have a great start to your week! Would love to know what you all are reading and watching these days. I FINALLY started watching 'The Americans', which I meant to start in with years ago.