Grandma Panda's China Storybook


November 25, 2014

A dose of color for a grey November day! And the last non-holiday book we'll see until 2015. Isn't this the charmingest? Speaking of holiday though, 'Grandma Panda's China Storybook', by Mingmei Yip, is one of those 'gift-worthy' books. Really special, with beautiful, vibrant art. The longer part of the title says "Legends, Traditions and Fun" and that's exactly what's inside this delightful picturebook.

Through a storytelling 'Grandma Panda', we learn about how certain Chinese traditions (in food, holidays, and Chinese culture) came about - things like the art of calligraphy, dim sum treats, and the folklore behind some of China's most loved tales. And DRAGONS. To quote from the book, "For the Chinese, dragons are not evil, but represent strength, nobility and good luck."

More fun things: Chinese opera. Kung fu. Kites. All described and detailed in charming stories and fables. Did you know that long ago, people used to send messages and mail to their ancestors via kite?

And the best bit is that on the front and end inside covers of the book, there are Chinese words written out, with a picture, and with the Chinese calligraphy symbol. Julia loooooved that immensely, and she spent the better portion of two weeks practicing Chinese calligraphy by copying the symbols in the book.

This one has become a permanent and often read addition to our bookshelf ~ it's perfect for ages 5-9. Gorgeous and festive!

(I received a review copy of the book but all opinions are my own. P.S. blog disclaimers are silly.)

Cool Stuff I Like


November 21, 2014

Hello sweet friends. In news that is important to exactly no one, I'm considering not adding text anymore to my Cool Stuff header photo. STOP THE PRESSES. But you see, I have such a small, small attention span, very akin to a tiny fruit fly, or a little puppy, and I've grown bored with it and sometimes I think it looks cluttery. I'm very anti-cluttery right now. And sometimes I'll have a cool pic, but nowhere to put the text, so I don't use it. Also, it's an extra step. Also, I've used every font in Picmonkey.

LOVE THIS! A random acts of Christmas kindness Advent calendar.

Warm Russian Tea. 

SO MUCH YES. (also, scandi + japanese? More yes.)

This post about Christmas chapter books has been seeing a lot of play on Pinterest lately. :)

Seriously, can I be president of this blog's fan club already? #fangurlllll

A new movie trailer for 'Cinderella'!!!! IT LOOKS SO AWESOME!!!!!!

Books about pie. (thank you Danzel for letting me know about this blog!)

Cinnamon hot chocolate.

Holiday dresses for little girls. (I got the sequin party dress from Mini Boden for J and it's divine)

This Toca Nature app for kids looks really cute.

Little Pringle Pilgrims!

Cool Book of the Week: 'The Tortoise and the Hare' by Jerry Pinkney. I saw this book the other day in a catalog and it looked so familiar to me! Maybe one of my book blogger friends have already covered this one? It strikes me as looking so fall timey, so onto the blog it goes - the art is GOBsmackingly awesome. This version of the classic fable is a visual feast - if Julia were still a tinier tot, I would want this one to live in my home. It just jumped onto my 'Gift Worthy' list!

Have a LOVELY weekend! I have my last photo session before the holidays - a newborn! So excited. This has been a busy fall for Melissa Glynn Photography, and sometimes I feel literally chained to my computer, but I'm so grateful to the families who trusted me to make visual memories of their kiddos.


Behold My Teacup.


November 19, 2014

Well, I tell you, there's scrounging for blog content and then there's me. Actually, I have LOTS of content, it just hasn't made it to the blog yet because I'm wading through a pile of fall photo sessions (actually not that many, I'm just really sloooooow and I'm also still editing a wedding from early October), and I've been trying to figure out all of my Christmas gifties for people in November so I don't have to deal with it in December.

So once a year I get myself a new teacup (or Andrew gets me one after I beg) from Anthropologie, and here's this year's cup! It has a honeybee inside it! Which is super duper fun because my name, Melissa, means 'honeybee' in Greek, did any of you know that? 'Tis true.

I had other pix of the cup, showing the whole thing, but I didn't like them so well so I threw them away. Now I'm sad I did that because I want to show you more of my cup.

Julia told me this morning that she began reading 'Island of the Blue Dolphins' at school, which really blew my mind, because I don't think I read that until the 5th or 6th grade, and she LOVES it. (I recall that book being really sad and boring, but I wasn't so into books that didn't have some kind of magical element involved. I'm still pretty much that way.)

I looked it up online because we were trying to figure out how old the girl is, in the book, and she's 12 at the outset and 30 at the end. (it's pretty sad what actually happens to her, you can read about it here.)

I'm reading 'Emily of New Moon' and I can't say more about it right now, because we need to have a much longer conversation about it and I have many things to say and I want to take a picture of it.

Also - this week on Friday Cool Stuff list - CHRISTMAS books are coming. Yes. Other blogs already have their gift guides up! So it's ok for me to launch into Christmas mode, it really is.

A Very Cute Book About Hedgehogs


November 17, 2014

I got 'The Hedgehog Leaves Home' at Ikea. It is adorable. Delightful. And I believe jackrabbit poop is mentioned. My nephew is getting this copy and I hope he loves the part about the jackrabbit poop! You should all run right down to Ikea and find this charming and fun book.

Want a little more review? Hedgie's mama decides he is big enough to go see the world. Let's ponder on this a moment - basically she's like, time to make like a tree and leave and here's a kissy as the door knocks ya on the back ~ Oh and watch out for the big wide world!

Sound, wise advice.

Always watch out for the big wide world.

So he goes out trying to find a friend to live with, since apparently Mama is tired of being a mom or something. SPOILER ALERT - he winds up with a Bear and they become cave buddies.

Me being a silly pants aside, this book is so cute and sweet, and also Ikea is selling little Hedgie stuffies and we got the stuffy to go with the book, for my nephew. Isn't that so adoraboo?

Have you all seen any books from Ikea? The art is really amazing in all the ones I've seen! (Here's another beautiful Ikea book I reviewed in 2013) The stories all seem to involve plucky little peoples and animals and they're very Scandi, in my opinion. Probably because they appear to be created by real live European people, which makes them way cool. (I have no idea if the writer and artist are actually Scandinavian, but they have very cool sounding names and I'm going to assume wildly about things I know nothing about. Hurray!)

Cool Stuff I Like


November 14, 2014

Happy Friday Novembery peeps! This lovely tree lives in our backyard. Sadly, it is lovely no more - all the leaves have dropped. It's amazing for about 4 days this tree - vibrant, fire red and then boom, it drops all the leaves in one big swoosh. It's very cold right now! Is it cold where you are? (don't answer, California friends, I know it's not cold where you are) I've been going to bed way too late and I just can't do it. I feel like someone punched me in my brain when I stay up past midnight. So today is going to be short and to the point. When has THAT ever happened on this blog?

Hanna Andersson has opened Hanna Home, a decor division.


Fun crafts for the holiday season.

Thanksgiving recipes that kids will like.

Cold weather accessories a la cute. (that didn't make sense, I know)

I will be 1ST in line for this new translation of Grimms' Fairy Tales, with much scarier, undiluted, original versions of the stories!

Saw this tree skirt and thought, oh that's pretty! And then saw it was almost $300. Oh Anthro.....

Did you know there was a website called Now you do.

Swedish Christmas Books. Yep. We're officially doing Christmas now!

Cool Book(s) of the Week: The 'Ever After High' series, by Shannon Hale. Alright. How to proceed......well, basically - MY KIDDO ADORES THESE BOOKS. Like, looooooooooves. Super loves. I've noticed that sometimes, if a book is too long, or doesn't capture her interest in just the right way, she will abandon that book and just move on. I'm trying to encourage her to focus on one book at a time and not be too scattered with her reading. But I didn't have to encourage with these books - she just tore through them until she was done, and then she begged for the next one. The set would make for a nice giftaroo for the holidays.....

I will attempt to explain the plot, which mostly I've gleaned from watching the show. Julia is in stitches over how confused I get about what's going on. (Is that guy a bad guy? Why is he bad? Why did they throw that book down a well? What do you mean, it's not the REAL book? What the hey is going on????) All the offspring of fairy tale characters go to school together and Do Stuff. One of the main characters, Raven Queen, is the daughter of The Evil Queen, (but Raven's good) and everyone who goes to the school is supposed to sign some Book of Legend because.....I don't know why. Life will then unfold the way it's been predetermined. Or something. But Raven doesn't want to because she wants to make her own story and chart her own path. So there are two groups of kids, Royals and Rebels. Royals are like the preppy, do-goody kids, and the Rebels are kids who don't care as much about fitting in perfectly. Or something. That's about all I know.

Anyhoo, Julia's wild about the books and if I had had these books when I was her age, I would have been too! I kind of want to read them so I'll understand the show a little better.

Ok so that was neither short or to the point. OH WELL. Have a lovely weekend!


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