March 25, 2011

April Showers….wait, it’s March

Some of you may or may not know that I have a slight, wee preoccupation with the weather. (Or full-blown obsession) We needn’t quibble about the exact wording.
My husband Andrew says that I am the only person besides his dear departed grandmother who feels the need to check on the weather multiple times a day. (I try to limit myself to less than 5 times.)
This fascination with all things meteorological makes me the target of many many jokes from my husband.

 ME: Andrew, remember when we ALMOST had a snow event this past winter?
(the forecasters around here insist on calling a half inch or so of snow a “snow EVENT.”)

 ANDREW: Uh, by snow event you mean the time when it didn’t snow at all? Yeah I remember that. I remember how you had to check the TV every 5 minutes and got all excited about a whole lot of nothing. That was funny.

ME: But it ALMOST did! And if it had snowed, it would have snowed A LOT.
 ANDREW: Except that there was no snow whatsoever.

 ME: I am now choosing to ignore everything you say. You clearly do not realize how much snow we ALMOST had.

Shall we look at some great books about the changing of the seasons and weather? I think we should.

Cloudette is a small cloud who doesn’t get to do all the things that big clouds do.

This makes Cloudette sad until she realizes that even tiny clouds have Important Jobs to do, such as filling a frog’s pond, or making a little stream and waterfall for children to play in.

Cloudette makes friends with a kite, a bird, squirrels and different kinds of clouds.

We actually just got this book from J’s grandma and it is a super fun read. It has a sort of comic-book style which was neato.

This book, What Will the Weather Be Like Today?, is great for the toddler set as a fun intro to different types of weather:

Listen, Listen is a lovely, lyrical book about seasons changing.

Fabulous, intricate art style with lots of fun details.

And lastly, because you never know what might fall out of the sky, I include Cows Can’t Fly as a weather-related story -

Cows in the sky? Do I need to even explain this story? I think not.

Have a fab weekend and watch out for cows in the sky! And snow EVENTS.

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  1. Oh! I check the weather several times a day and if there's a storm brewing I watch the radar like a hawk! I have the NOA's website pinned to the front of my phone!