March 23, 2011

CRAZY CATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My husband thinks that each blog title I do should have one more exclamation point than the previous day. At the end of the week my posts will have zero text and just look like this:

Speaking of something worthy of an exclamation point:

My kid knows how to rock Spring, eh?

Now, all of you out in Blogland might wonder, Melissa, what do you and Julia like to do each day? Well I am happy to tell you. ALWAYS happy to share. That’s why we’re here right?? The sharing??
Recently, this game came into our lives:

OMG seriously for reals (People from Hawaii talk this way. Sorry.),this is THE BEST GAME IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD.

Let me repeat that.


Best game.



Why is that exactly? Because you can play this game at least 20 times in a row WITHOUT LOSING YOUR MIND. It’s a cross between Crazy Eights and Uno but more fun than both, in my opinion.

There are a lot of action cards which make it more interesting than the standard Crazy 8’s.

You can make players lose a turn, pick up cards, there are two types of wild cards, and you can even take someone’s whole hand of cards away. Basically every play something interesting is going on.

It comes in a cute, little tin – perfect for travel! Dudes, I love this game. My kid loooooooves this game. We played this game 24/7 when J was sick for her entire mid-winter break. That was swell timing kiddo! Like, really? Could she have planned that any better??

And I looooove Haba, the German toy company who makes this game and other fun stuff. No, I am not a Haba employee! They don’t know I exist! But their stuff is so cute, so well made, so brightly colored. Most of the toys are made of wood, totally non-toxic and SUPER CUTE.

We have this Haba rug in the missy's room:

And we have two cute little toys from Haba:

Tiny toast! And petit fours! Or candy. Little cakes? We can’t really tell what these are. Love it.

You can find Haba toys here and here.


  1. I thought I needed my own set of Crazy Cat cards, but then I scrolled down and saw the zwieback toy set. OMG seriously for reals, yo!

  2. I can vouch for this game. It rocks!

  3. I know, it's a tough call between the game and the tiny toast. Believe me, I know! That's why we have both! Sarah, you need to set your sis up with Haba. She will looooooove it! Cutest toys ever.

  4. Lots of baby/toddler stuff as well!

  5. Is the toast made out of wood? Does Julia play with them? And when are we all going to play Crazy Cats?

  6. Yse the toast is wood! J thinks they are great, she has a lot of pretend food picnics. You should come play Crazy Cats with us, we haven't see you in ages!

  7. um, I think word is spelled Y-E-S. doh.

  8. I have never heard of Haba toys, but that Crazy Cats game is so up my ALLEY!:) I am going to see if I can source it over here...all the way on the other side of the world :)!

    Thanks for sharing,
    (South Africa)

  9. Hi Georgia!! Thanks so much for coming to visit us!! You can also order Crazy Cats on Amazon -- you won't be sorry if you get this game, it is sooooo fun! We've played it nearly everyday for a few MONTHS now :)

  10. Hmmm that link didn't show up like I wanted it to. You can either cut it and paste it onto the Amazon site, or just go to Amazon and type in Crazy Cats Haba and it should pop up for you!