March 25, 2011


So we found out that apparently maybe on Ebay one can find a Hello Kitty toaster that leaves a little imprint of Hello Kitty on the toast. I WILL NOT REST UNTIL THIS ITEM IS RESIDING IN MY HOME.

I mentioned that we love her just a teensy little bit right?

I got a little excited about International Week coming up (Did you know that next week is going to be International Week on Julia’s Book Bag? You do now!), so I am getting a little jump on it and showing all of you one of our Very Most Bestest Books Ever.

You may have noticed that when I get enthused about something, I use some combo of bold letters, or italics or underlining. Or all caps. My husband says it sounds like I AM SHOUTING ALL THE TIME WHEN I TYPE. Actually he says it sounds like I am shouting when I speak out loud too. I’ve tried to explain that no, I am not shouting, I AM JUST EMPHASIZING. You see?

Anyhoo, Mouk, by Marc Boutavant, is worthy of all three, which is saying something in my book.

Mouk is a little bear who travels around the world. He goes to places like Greece, Japan, China, Australia, as well as spots further afield, like Burkina Faso in West Africa, Lapland, the Andes mountains in Peru and Pondicherry, India.

When Andrew and I saw Mouk in a store last year, we immediately began fighting over who got credit for finding such a rad book – “I saw it first!” “Well, I TOUCHED it first!” (Guess who said what. Clue: Andrew doesn’t talk in ALL CAPS)

Where to start about the coolness of this book? How about here:

In each country, he meets a little animal friend who greets him in the native language and offers him a local treat to try.

Everywhere he goes, Mouk encounters a little party, or street fair or gathering of some kind.

As Mouk explores the world “to visit old friends and make new ones”, he sends back letters to his friends back home in Paris, which explain all about his adventures.

The coolest thing about the book is that there is a double page spread of reusable, repositionable stickers that can be placed around in the story. See the great white shark below? Sticker! Julia thought that one was great fun.

We got this for Julia last year and it has been in constant demand ever since. When I told Andrew I was starting this blog, we had a whole conversation about when to discuss Mouk – he was like, Don’t talk about Mouk too early! It’s the best book! Save it, save it!

But Mouk is too good to save, it must be shared AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. It’s THAT fabulous.


  1. Hi Julia,

    Thanks for becoming my facebook friend! Love that you love this is amazing! I actually bought the book just for me because i love it so! Luckily the boys adore it also and we just spend ages looking at Mouk and all his friends. I wanna live in the world that they live in! Very special!

  2. Hi Kate!!! You are so welcome! Thanks for coming by :) I'm actually Melissa, Julia is my daughter, but because I named the blog after her, I inadvertently created a lot of identity confusion! :) Everyone should have 'Mouk' -- we've had it for 2 yrs now and it never gets old! ~Melissa

  3. I've never seen this book before- I can't wait to get it now! Sweet critters- world travel- letter writing- and reusable stickers ? It looks completely endearing! I love when you share somehing new to me!!

  4. Melissa- Ok, you might not believe this BUT the Target at Northgate HAS the Hello Kitty toaster. At least it did today, around 12:30, on the lower level, back end cap of the coffee pot aisle!!!!!!!! Hopefully you'll get your paws on it soon.

  5. Holy moly macaroni -- I think that might need to be my birthday present to myself Shannon! ~Melissa

  6. They only had one so I wouldn't wait too long! Maybe they'd hold it for you? :) :)

  7. Ooooh, I must find that book!! Thanks for sharing!! P.S. I love your writing style, you are too funny. :)

    1. ha ha, you are too kind, I'm sure what you really meant to say was dorky and silly :)