March 21, 2011


Hello readers in Blogland!! All half dozen or so of you! Did you have a great weekend? Did you tell a friend to come join our adventures in fun and great kid book reading? Ah, shameless self-promotion is a distasteful business, n'est-ce pas?

(I've decided to pretend I am Parisian today and use all 10 French words I know because.....I don't know why.)

You should know that the weather and I have a very love/hate relationship. But for the first weekend of spring, it decided to show me some love:

An improvement over this mais oui?:

Before we talk about our SPRING BOOKS, I have to share our weekend o' fun. Julia and I went to the outdoor mall nearby and stopped to have a treat:

Oh See's Candy. We must never again speak of this passionate affaire de couer. Go sing your siren song to someone else, s'il vous plait.

We also saw our best friend:

I have decided that Hello Kitty is some kind of superhero of mind control.

And while we are on this theme, the SUPERHEROES OF READING all went to the park for the first time since last fall (I am cringing as I write this at how lame I am. And my hubby is probably going to pack his bags today to go find a very large cave or hole in which to hide):

There was Binocular Girl:

And there was Andrew, International Man of Mystery:

Is he there? Is he not there?

And Melissa, Master of the X-Treme Close-up

Look! Half my face is gone!

Ok, BOOKS. Here we go. You want some spring time? I got your spring time right here:

The Fox and the Springtime Blossoms is a great combo of amaaaaaazingly gorgeous art plus a super cute story. There is a fall book about Fletcher the fox but we'll talk about that in the fall! Fletcher thinks that the snowy hued blossoms on the springtime trees are snowflakes and that winter is returning, so he hurries out to warn all his friends. ADORABLE.

We got How Robin Saved Spring last spring and it's so great that we read it all year!

The story is fantastic: Lady Winter does not want to relinquish her hold on the weather, so she tricks Sister Spring into sleeping longer by placing a blanket knitted out of frost upon her. Forest creatures try one by one to wake Spring up, but Lady Winter catches each of them in turn, and we discover why Skunk has a striped back, why Ladybug has spots and why Maple Trees have sap. Finally, Robin makes a bargain with the Sun to help him wake up Spring, but singes his breast in the process.

The artist's name is Nicoletta Ceccoli and she also did the art for An Island in the Sun:

I love, love, love her art! Her style looks like something you'd get to hang framed on a wall. I like art in kid's books that reaches out and smacks ya in the face (in a good way). If I have to read a story fifty times, I want something intriguing to look at while I'm doing it!

A Bientot, mes amis!


  1. Christina Stemley3/21/11, 10:06 PM

    Hey Melissa! What a fantastic job you are doing with the blog! I love reading it. You are hilarious. Tireless you are - Can I have some of your creative energy please? :-)

  2. Thank you so much!!! It definitely is a commitment, I am realizing, but I feel so strongly about the topic and I am having a great time doing it. Feel free to let ALL your friends know so that I can become a Super Mega Blog. tee hee! xo

  3. Amy Gearheard3/26/11, 11:39 AM

    Helloooo!!! My new book was waiting for me when I arrived home the other day! Its pretty cute. Hunt down that toaster! My sister found it at a Hello Kitty store, somewhere. But ebay should do the trick. Hello Kitty on toast! Xoxo!