March 30, 2011

Japanese Treats = Awesome

The following is pretty much what was going through my mind during my trip through Uwajimaya, aka Asian Superstore of Radical Coolness:

 Yay! I am sooooo excited to be going to Uwajimaya!

OMG. The cute stuff attacks you the second you walk through the door. Cute little folders with baby seals and duckies! Japanese eraser toys! Eraser sushi! Cakes! Little teeny animals!

Plushies and pencils! Look at the pencils! Must keep walking, must keep walking – I am seeing all of this 2 feet away from the door mind you. Seeing this much cool stuff already does not bode well for me making any kind of timely progress through the rest of the store.

Hello Kitty lunchbox! I love you! But I can’t have you. Sigh. I just want you to know that I will love you forever and we will be together in the next realm of existence.

Holy cow. I now feel totally inadequate about my kid’s lunches because they do NOT look like they do in this book:

 There is no way I can achieve this level of fabulous. Maybe I can attain lunchbox coolness this way:

 Especially if I ever packed lunch in something like this:

OK, Japanese candies and treats win. Win over EVERYTHING.They have this whole packaging thing down pat. I honestly feel helpless in the face of So Much Cute Stuff:

I ate Botan Rice Candy when I was growing up in Hawaii. It is seriously yummy. There is an inner rice wrapper around the candy that you can actually eat, it dissolves in your mouth!

When I saw these candies, I started to become genuinely alarmed that I might never be able to exit the building:

The packaging is hard to read so I will tell you – strawberry jelly INSIDE a marshmallow. My first thought: my daughter must NEVER know this exists. My second thought: How many can I fit inside my basket? (I exercised tremendous restraint and only bought one bag.)

At some point, I will whip out these little beauties and say, "Here is a treat from your mommy, The Coolest Lady Who Ever Lived." At which point she will grab the bag out of my hand, shove some in her mouth and promptly forget that I ever brought home anything so fantastically amazing.

(You can find out more about how to contribute towards Uwajimaya’s earthquake and tsunami relief efforts here and you can order various Japanese candies and snacks here.)


  1. Now whenever I see hello kitty i find myself wanting to buy it...for you.

  2. I love the Yum-Yum Bento Box recipe book!! So cute!

  3. Hey Jen, if you want to bring Joy, Light & Happiness into someone's life, well heck, I won't stop you! :)

  4. If this is my pal Gretchen talking to me, I thought of you when I saw this! But what I'm really waiting for is YOUR cookbook!

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