March 29, 2011

Tiny Tot Tuesday – Japan Style

Remember our trip to the stationary store? I had the realization that this trend:

has become this phenomenon:

This of course leads to the inevitable backlash:

Which do you prefer? (I think freaking out is more in line with my personality.)

Andrew just asked me what these posters were all about. He wants to know who made them and What they are for? I was like, How do I know? They are just very popular right now. Then he said, What do you do with them? And I said, People put them in their homes and hang them on the wall. And then he said, That’s dumb.

I think that maybe Andrew does not want to be a part of this trend. Oh. Correction: “I don’t want to be a part of trends that are stupid.” Okey dokey artichokey.

Want to see the cutest toddler books of ALL TIME? Don’t believe? Believe! I do not exaggerate, my friends. (Embellish maybe. Oh snap. They mean the same thing.)

Ok maybe with this one cute isn’t exactly the right word, but it’s hilarious and a classic and if you have not read this book, WHY THE HECK NOT??? My sis-in-law and bro-in-law gave this to us not long after Julia was born. When I used to teach preschool, this book was battered and tattered from all the use it got in the school where I worked.

It is VERY instructional. Did you know that poop comes in:

Ok THIS one really is cute. Pinky swear.

Both of these books were written by Taro Gomi. They have a fun, colorful art style that is instantly attractive to children, as well as a simple, direct story that is just perfect for toddlers. When Julia was potty training, we read Everyone Poops about 20 gamillion times a week. That’s a real number by the way. When your eyes cross and your tongue gets numb, you’ll know you have reached gamillion.

These books, by Japanese-American illustrator and writer Gyo Fujukawa, are so adorable I run out of words for how cute they are –

I had to look up other words for cute and came up with: charming, delightful, engaging, lovable, sweet, winning, winsome – these words ALL describe Gyo’s art. We’re going to talk a lot more about Gyo later in the week!

Playing and pooping. Isn’t that what toddlerhood is all about?


  1. I have had some of the Gyo Fujikawa books on my Amazon wishlist ... for me. (Shh, don't tell anyone.)

    Also, I thought that second book was going to be about "My friends, Poop!"

  2. That is SO awesome! The Gyo books are so amazing that I have to devote a whole day just on that topic alone. I collect them now. If the house were on fire, I would be grabbing my family and the Gyo books!