April 18, 2011

Bunnies, Bunnies Everywhere

We’ve been decorating the house for Easter! My kiddo is outraged that I had the audacity to pull some stuffed animals out and decorate the window ledge with them.

“Those are my TOYS!!”

Well yeah. And now they’re also decorations! And they have been at the bottom of the stuffed animal basket. Why are kids so . . .how kids are??

Grandma brought Mr. and Mrs. Bunny over a couple weeks ago:

Bless your heart Grandma.

Because if it’s one thing we were in short supply of around here, it’s stuffed animals! I’d really like to put a stop to the Stuffed Animal Madness, but the stuffed animals clearly are in league with Hello Kitty and her superpowers of mind control.

The bunnies I’ve shown are a very teensy sampling of what’s actually stored here, there and everywhere:

That whole crazy rabbit-breeding thing? It happens amongst the stuffed variety as well!

And apparently the books are multiplying too, because we have a WHOLE LOT O’ BUNNY BOOKS! What’s cool about these bunny books, is that many we read ALL YEAR LONG. Julia loooves bunnies and she loooooves Easter and requests the Easter books even in the middle of winter.

This one is a special favorite combining J’s dinosaur love with her love for Easter:

Peter Cottontail has a sniffle, so T-Rex decides to help him out (they are buddies, turns out). Diplodocus, Stegosaurus and Iguanadon then decide to help out T-Rex when his egg painting/delivering plans go awry.

At the end, everyone gets a chicky and is Supremely Happy. Even the Easter Bunny!

Julia enjoys naughty bunnies as well:

Did you ever think Beatrix Potter and Tyra ('show me fierce’) Banks would ever have anything in common?

This is a baaaaaaaad bunny.

Now for the more gentle of you in Blogland, there is a hunter who fires his gun and SOMEHOW (it’s very vague and unclear) the bad bunny and his puffy tail become separated. Beatrix was clearly familiar with KARMA. You go Beatrix!

So today the grand lesson is Beatrix Potter+Tyra Banks+Bunnies=EASTER FIERCENESS!

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