April 27, 2011

Eeboo Games = Rad

Julia gets one Easter present from Mom and Dad, in addition to her basket from the Easter bunny – this year we got her this game:

Game play involves spinning numbers on the spinner, moving the appropriate amount of spaces while players gather and ‘plant’ a fruit, a veggie, an herb, a flower and a bird. The first person to successfully gather all their needed garden items and return to their plot wins.

Very appropriate for this time of year! This is my second Eeboo board game purchase. We also have this memory game, which we adore:

By the way, there is nothing like playing Memory with a small child to make you feel realllly old and like dementia is knocking at your door – Julia routinely kicks our booties playing Memory, and believe me, I really try to win!

What I love about Eeboo games is how beautiful they are – really well constructed and non flimsy, gorgeous bright colors with detailed and eye catching illustrations.

I found a local store that carried a huge amount of Eeboo games, check out what I mean about the color --

For the kids who love their buggies:


LOVE these old fashionedy animal pictures!

I’ve had my eye on their version of Bingo for awhile. . . .

Does this remind anyone else of the dogs-playing-poker picture???

These two games I hadn’t seen before, they look great:

Eeboo also makes super cute growth charts:

In addition, Eeboo makes party games, travel games, lacing cards and puzzles!

I checked around on the pricing, Amazon seems to have the best deals. You can also find Eeboo games here as well. If you are interested in high quality, durable and fun games, at some point you have to check out Eeboo!

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