April 14, 2011


Those ninjas yesterday were a mighty terrifying lot weren’t they?? I thought it would be nice to talk about some lovely fairies!

I ADORE FAIRIES and was utterly convinced until about age 12 that the fairies would come for me and take me away to Fairyland. I still kind of think that if I were looking in just the right spot in the British Isles, I might see one. So I wasn’t very surprised when this:

appeared in our home last year. Julia wasn’t surprised either. FAIRIES ARE EVERYWHERE!

The fairies leave notes from time to time, and on holidays and birthdays, they leave treats. Sometimes, little handmade fairy books:

OK, why didn’t the fairies move into MY house when I was young?? This little book was Very Easy for the “fairies” to put together BTW! The fairies looked up cute fairy images online, printed them out and stapled together!

We collect little, pretty rocks so that we can make our own fairy circles:

Santa Claus brought Julia this stunningly gorgeous book during the holidays:

It’s about two girls, Grace and Evie, who discover that fairies are living in and around their home:

The pictures are pop-up interactive and reveal secret sights and appearing/disappearing pixies:

Wow, let me tell you that the Amazon price beats the pants off what I paid for it at an independent toy store! Oh well.

This book is so beautiful, I would consider it a Special Event Book worthy of a holiday or birthday gift. Or for “I Love Fairies Day”. (Don’t you know about those??)

This game was also a Christmas gift in Julia’s stocking:

It’s basically Old Maid in reverse – the whole deck is dealt to the players, you find matching pairs and lay them down – if you have no cards to match you pick a card up –and whoever has the Fairy Queen at the end is the winner! It can also be played as a Memory game.

Totally gorgeous, totally fun.

We’ll be talking about fairies again down the road, BELIEVE IT!

(I honestly cannot remember the name of the “fairy supplier” of our door, but this Etsy shop has the closest approximation. Also, do a Google search for “Fairy door” and more options will magically appear!)


  1. Faeries! If you don't already have it, you should get the Brian Froud "Faeries" book. Beautiful illustrations and great explanations of folklore.

    Also, I had an idea a couple of years ago for a "fairy tree" (another friend's daughter was also going through a fairy phase). Basically, get a little bonsai tree and decorate it with teeny-tiny pieces of tulle and sparkles.

  2. Oh I will have to go look at that!!! I can never have enough fairy in my life, believe you me :)

    I looooove your fairy tree idea! I know a wonderfully talented mom who made her daughter a fairy house outside last yr, it was THE CUTEST THING EVER! I think if I attempted anything like that I would need lots of tape and lots of glue and it would not end up looking so cute!

  3. Aw I loved faeries as a little girl too! This was adorable....and thanks for stopping by Modern Kiddo today too!

  4. And thank YOU for stopping over here! I looove Blogland! Lots of new friends!!