April 14, 2011

Kawaii Kids = Cutest Stuff I’ve Seen Lately!

Guess what Julia and I found at the library?

And oh wow, this video is SO sweet and adorable and precious and we’re going to watch it at least 75 quatramillion times!! (that’s even more than gamillion)

So I am Super Extremely Excited to let you all know that Julia’s Bookbag has its very first advertiser!

Kawaii Kids is a site that seriously made my pulse quicken:

The second I saw the Extreme Coolness that is their online shop, I knew the stuff they’re into was a great match with the stuff we’re into! I am so thrilled to have their darling ad featured on our site!

First of all, how cute is that name?? No, not Hawaii, not Kauai, it’s KAWAII !!!! Love it. Kawaii is actually the Japanese word for cute!

Get ready for some bolding and italicizing:

When I saw their website, I thought “It’s like someone crawled inside my mind and then made a children’s website based on all the things I like or would like to have!!”

Do you need an exercise book? (I much prefer that to notebook, don’t you?)

Or how about adorable bookends? (For your exercise books!!)

This strawberry dress is going on Julia, mark my words:

And I am just fainting at how darling this unicorn shirt is:

When school starts again in the fall, I think a new lunchbox might be in order:

Flying monkey PJ’s anyone?

Little monster socks I think would make EVERYONE happy:

And this adorable corduroy bag is on sale and I love it:

It would be a great little book bag!!

SOOOOOOO, I could sit here all day showing you all what I think is cute and fun, but a better idea would be for YOU to go check out Kawaii Kids!! Have a great weekend!


  1. I saw your website over at Angry Chicken. Cute stuff, for sure!

  2. Thanks so much!!! So happy for folks to come check out Awesome and Cute stuff with us!! (all about the 'awesome' and 'cute' around here. Also, 'super fantabulous' :) -- Melissa

  3. Super cute stuff!! I'll have to go over and check out what stuff they have for boys!

  4. Oh there is super cute stuff for the boys, especially baby boys!! :)