April 13, 2011


After all those cute bunnies, I thought, wow, I need to change things up. Something less cutesy-poo.


I think I might just keep writing that, over and over.

(Photo via Japanprobe.com)

NINJAS!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok, I’ll stop.

Nope, I won’t. NINJAS!!!!!!!!

And of course, I realize that I have managed to come up with very adorable and cute ninja pictures. My husband Andrew will probably scoff and say that true ninjas are neither adorable nor cute.

And speaking of ninjas, this just came across my radar:

Here is why Julia likes ninjas: “Well I like them because they wear black and black is the fanciest color in the whole universe.”

There you have it. Ninjas = FANCY!

So, recently I discovered not one, but TWO new kid books about ninjas:

In “The Boy Who Cried Ninja”, strange things happen to Tim. So strange, in fact, that his parents think he is telling fibs all the time.

I mean, really. Who would make up a story about a time traveling monkey?

Tim eventually has to invite the whole crew of mischief-making oddities over for a party, so that his Mom and Dad will believe him.

I get 90% of our books from the library, 5% are gifts and the other 5% we purchase. But Blogland friends, I had to buy the ninja book. May I repeat – time traveling monkey.

And Julia has requested it about a dozen times since we got it!

Here is another, equally hilarious:

Wink is the most famous “nimble ninja” in Japan. So famous that he needs a nap!

His adoring fans however, would rather he sign autographs for them and perform. So he recruits a few ninja pals to create a little confusion to throw his fans off his trail. . .

I have not read this one yet, but it LOOKS AWESOME (and cute):

My conclusion regarding ninjas now? I heart ninjas and think they are adorable and sweet!


  1. her comment about black being the fanciest color had me spitting out my coffee - hilarious! "The Boy Who Cried Ninja" is going to be in our house soon! Wyatt's definitely into the Ninjago stuff, so this will be perfect. Thank you for posting!

  2. Your blog is just the cutest! These Ninjas made me smile and I LOVED all the bunnies :) Catherine x

  3. Thank you and thank you!!! For J, life is all about the fancy! I wonder if I can convince her to dress up like a pink ninja next Halloween, like that little girl in the picture??

  4. Oh MY! Miss Catherine Bear! Can I call you that?? I just checked YOUR blog! You MAKE those bears?? Beatrix Potter?? English gardens?? (I am a HUGE anglophile, Int'l Week UK is coming soon!) I am adding you to my blog roll!! You = AWESOME!