April 6, 2011

Ode to Anthropologie

My friend Samantha calls Anthropologie, aka Shop From the Heavens, her “temple of loveliness.” Truer words were never spoken. I know it is probably wrong to worship a retail store but I am going to anyway.

I want to LIVE in Anthropologie! When I win the lottery, everything I wear will be from Anthropologie, everything I eat and drink from will be out of Anthropologie, and my home will be a giant shrine to Anthropologie. (At which point my husband Andrew will move out.)

EVERY YEAR I ask him to buy me a Christmas present from Anthropologie. HE NEVER DOES. He says he cannot for the life of him figure out which $50 door knob I want. Silly goose. I don’t want a door knob. I want everything else!

He could buy me one of these. ANY ONE OF THEM.

(Andrew says: Holy *%@#! I did buy you a teacup from Anthropologie. Do you not remember?)

Well I guess after 10 years of constant nagging, it finally paid off. Moving on. Look at these! VERY French Provencale!

I think this Monet-inspired dress and Parisian bakery scene tea towel are Very Necessary To My Happiness:



(Andrew thinks this dress looks like someone threw up flowers.)

One needs tea towels . . . .

. . . to wipe plates like these!

Check out the coolest coloring book ever, by illustrator Herve Tullet, who is apparently known in France as the ‘Prince of Pre-School Books.’

(Andrew here again. I beg to differ. This is the coolest coloring book ever.)

I almost, almost bought this, but I am going to wait until we are going on a trip.

I also found this classic gem by M. Sasek –-

Um, that’s a very interesting mustache you have there, Mr. Postman. (I think he was actually modeled after French president Charles de Gaulle.) There is a whole series of these children’s fact and fun travelogues – London, Rome, Ireland and Venice and more. (I would say for ages 5+, there is actual history discussed.)

Le sigh. J’adore.

I was rushing out the door when I saw this, I have no idea what is inside --

But I am guessing it is really an Anthropologie catalog in disguise!

( I see you looking at me suzani chair. I love you too! )

(Andrew’s comment has been deleted as spam by the moderator.)

All things lovely from Anthropologie can be found here. I did compare the pricing of the books against Amazon, and sadly, Anthro does not win in the price department, so if you fancy the books, I would order them from Amazon.


  1. 6am posts! Gasp. This is no part time job my dear! I love this place too! I need to have a set of those tea cups ...perfect size and cute too.

  2. I love the dress. Flowers should throw up more often. Keep up the good fight! I think you should drape paisley scarves across your couch and grow lavender in little pots along your 2nd floor landing. That'll learn 'im.

  3. The man thinks the word "flower" is a 4 letter word -- what the heck did nature ever do to him?? tee hee.