April 11, 2011

One More Day of French Week!

I should begin using the word ‘week’ loosely, since obviously I am so long-winded that it takes me more than a week’s time to get though certain topics!

There are just too many good books.

And too many good cookbooks! I looooove cooking but lately since the blog started I’ve been saying things like “Eggs for dinner!” or “It’s fried egg on pasta night!” or “Shall we experiment with omelettes?”. (I like eggs.) So on Sunday we had a slow day, and I was inspired by my All Things French Week and made an All Tart Meal:



Made this!

And this:

Turned into this!

(This kind of looks gross but it was super good.)

With a side of these:

A couple more French-themed books I ran out of time to discuss last week:

EVERYBODY should read some Babar! (And I guess some might say everyone should try yoga too!) What’s great about Babar is that some of the books have simple stories and some are more text-intensive, so kids can keep reading Babar at varying levels of reading ability. Babar’s Yoga for Elephants is really fun and has a ton of exercises, poses and stretches to try.

This collection of Charles Perrault’s Classic French Fairy Tales, is from my collection that I have had since I was young.

Spoiler alert: like I cautioned with one of the Japanese fairy tale books discussed during Japan week, some Perrault stories are a bit scary and intense (Bluebeard – some killing and blood involved). Never bothered me one eyelash when I was young (age 7-8), for whatever that’s worth!

For those unfamiliar with Perrault, he is considered one of the originators of the fairy tale as we know it. He wrote the first book versions of Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and Little Red Riding Hood, deriving them from oral tradition folk tales.

Oh and in case anyone is interested, the recipes for the lemon tart and the mushroom tart can be found here and here.

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