April 12, 2011

Tiny Tot Tuesday: Lisa McCue

Every once in awhile, the weather fairies up in the sky decide to take pity on my formerly island-living self and give me a day that looks like:

When days like this occur (Once in a blue moon doesn’t begin to cover it. Once in a magenta moon?), Julia and I RACE to the park.
Colorful, vivid days like the one we just had reminds me of one of my favorite illustrators, Lisa McCue. This lady has the market cornered on Bright, Happy Colors and probably has the cutest depictions of bunnies I’ve ever seen.

I read Bunny’s Noisy Book to Julia when she was a toddler about, let me think, um, oh yeah EVERY DAY!

CUTEST BUNNIES EVER. The story is all about a little bunny discovering the sounds of the world around him, a yawn, a bee buzzing, crunching lettuce. Any story by Margaret Wise Brown (of Goodnight Moon fame) is a winner, plus Lisa’s pictures? It is pretty much the perfect toddler book.

It’s hard to imagine that someone could give Beatrix Potter a run for her money in the bunny department, but Lisa’s version of Peter Rabbit. . .

. . . . I think kind of does.

Her nursery rhyme book was one of our all time favorites, and Julia got her before-bed rhyme from it:

“Good night/ Sleep tight/ Wake up bright in the morning light”

Oh and if bunnies aren’t your thing, how about bears?

If you can find cuter animal illustrations, PLEASE let me know!! Actually, don’t. My eyes might explode.

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