April 5, 2011

Tiny Tot Tuesday (petit enfant mardi)

Ah what a tremendous plaisir it is to have another opportunity to butcher, I mean, master the beau (belle?) langue de francais!!

Skip. That was my heart. Or arrhythmia? Flutter. There it is again!

Could it POSSIBLY be that something has arrived to fill the gaping cavern of desolation that was left in me by the demise of Cookie magazine??????

(Losing Domino was a blow. Losing Cookie was ...something I’m still recovering from. It really is a toss-up as to which crushed my magazine loving soul more.)

(Yes, I saved every last one of them!!)

Soooo I was PRETTY DARN EXCITED to see that Luckykids has arrived! (an offshoot of Lucky mag) So far it appears that it will be released only twice a year, but there is an online site to keep us occupied in the meantime.

(we have those little crayon rocks, they are FUN! You can find them here.)

Well, I have to say that I liked it. I didn’t loooooooove it. It isn’t Cookie, with all of its fabulous articles on parenting and its cooking section and whatnot. A little too much emphasis on the fashion side, which, well I already have enough issues that my kid has better clothes than I do. But Luckykids was cute and fun and I’ll definitely check it out in the future!

I did like the kids’ rooms décor spread a lot:

On to Parisian books! OF COURSE I have to have Madeline in French week! I feel like classics are sometimes ignored, precisely because they are classic and not the new, cool modern thing on the block. The great thing about these stories is that the art and rhyme structure are engaging for the smaller set, as well as transitioning really well as your kid ages and really gets more of the actual story.

Have you all read Madeline? Even if you have, chances are you and your kids may not have read every Madeline story and you should check them all out! Or read them ENCORE.

“In an old house in Paris/that was covered in vines/lived twelve little girls in two straight lines/…..the smallest one was Madeline.” –- Madeline

Grandma gave us the complete collection for Julia’s birthday.

It took me a surprisingly long time to realize that Madeline lives in a fancy boarding school, not an orphanage.

What doesn’t happen in these stories?? Amazing illustrations, plucky little girl, naughty neighbors, circuses, gypsies, heroic dogs and of course, appendectomies! Julia was extremely interested in that part of the original Madeline story.

And for those of you also still in mourning over Cookie, check out these sites: www.dinneralovestory.com/ (I can vouch for many many recipes!!) and momfilter.com/. Both are great and written/run by former editors from Cookie.


  1. I love Madeleine and I love dinner a love story site as well. Keep up the good work Melissa! It just so fun to keep reading what you are up to. Love Love Love the paper lanterns. I am going to do that very soon.
    oxo Christina

  2. The paper lanterns are so much fun!! And so bright and cheerful! enjoy :)