April 7, 2011

A Whole Lotta French Stuff

Remember that teacup my husband said he bought me from Anthropologie? He really did, and here it is:

Isn’t it beautiful? He said he wanted me to have something sunny to look at through the long winters here.

And here are the bowls I got for Christmas from my mom-in-law:

I think they look Hawaiian!! I LOVE them!

Lots of love today. I am loving this, which is brand spanking new at Trader Joe’s, according to Mr. Trader Joe’s Man:

It is yummylicious.

Something else I super-love is Julia’s Petit Pan mobile. Do you all know about Petit Pan? It is a French company based in Paris that makes all kinds of textile objects for children based on vintage fabrics (blankets, pillows etc), as well as the most amazing kites and mobiles. Their products are handmade in China by artisans skilled in kite-making. The mobiles are light as a feather and strung on bamboo frames.

If Julia ever tires of this, I will hang it elsewhere in my room or my kitchen!

I ordered ours from an online shop called Comptoir d’Enfance for about $20 dollars. This site used to be U.S. based but I noticed recently that their prices are now listed in euros so I assume they have moved . . . somewhere. In case you were wondering, it is currently about $1.43 for every one euro, if that helps anyone who wants to order something!

Check out this cute French book I just saw the other day:

Very simple, light on text, big on pictures. I think that preschool kids and kindergarteners would enjoy this quite a bit.

If anyone wants to be Super Baker and try making these macarons de Parisienne (again, TRADER JOE’s – I had a picture of the box but the photo did not cooperate):

You can try the recipes by French pastry chef Cecile Cannone here:

(For the more lazy, try the Trader Joe’s version. Julia and I fight over them!)


  1. The raspberry macaroon cake sounds so good. I'll have to check it out at TJ's! Love TJ's!

  2. Oh me too! I want to marry that store!