May 23, 2011

Andrew is Guest Posting. Be Afraid.

Hi friends! Julia and I have been in California visiting a dear friend and her little girl for a few days. J was super sad to leave Rosebud, she was concerned about who would pet her!

So I knew I would be away for today’s post, and I asked my husband Andrew if he would guest post for me. I’m pretty worried that I will come back and the blog will have been re-named and re-designed and we will now be enjoying a blog all about video games and Star Wars . . .


Ok. So for my “guest blogger” stint Melissa told me I should write a review of the new Thor movie (which we just saw). That didn’t really make any sense to me, because this is supposed to be a blog about children’s books, and Thor is not a book, nor is it for children. Oh well.

So anyway, the movie was pretty fun. If you like superhero movies, you should check it out. It’s based on Marvel Comics’ take on the Norse gods. The story is that the gods— Thor, Odin, Loki, and others—are actually powerful beings from another dimension. Occasionally they wind up on Earth, protecting the human race from frost giants and such, or (as in the present case) wooing Natalie Portman.

The movie producers found some random Australian guy to play Thor, and he does a nice job. The guy who played Thor’s brother Loki is good. And Anthony Hopkins does his Anthony Hopkins thing as Thor’s father, Odin.

Natalie Portman plays Thor’s human love interest, and she manages to avoid being insufferable, so I guess that’s a success?

(Note: Not from Thor)

Melissa said she was “cute” in the movie – but of course she’s always cute. The real problem with Natalie Portman is that she thinks she’s better than me. It’s just something in the way she carries herself. Now she’s not as bad as some other folks (I’m looking at you, Gwyneth Paltrow), but she still radiates an aura of self-satisfaction and entitlement.

Back to the movie! The action is split between middle-of-nowhere New Mexico (I think?) and the magical realm of Asgard, home of the Norse gods. Thor is in line to inherit the throne, but he’s a jerk and gets into a bunch of shenanigans and is banished to Earth (minus his superpowers). Then a bunch of stuff explodes and/or is smashed by a magical hammer. Eventually [SPOILER ALERT] Thor learns to not be a jerk [END SPOILER].

Also there is some kind of magical robot with a fiery death beam.

If that all sounds good to you, then you should go see the movie. Or wait until it’s on TV or something.

Bonus image:

The Mighty Rosebud!

(Note to Melissa: I spent too much time photoshopping the cat’s face onto Thor, and the quality of my writing for this post might have suffered as a consequence. All in all, though, I think it was a fair trade.)


  1. I told Andrew that we need this picture of Rosebud/Thor blown up and put in a position of Special Importance on our wall :) ~Melissa

  2. Your ideas are intriguing to me and I wish to subscribe to your newsletter.

  3. I rather enjoyed it and thought your writing was just swell. Not as swell as rosebud/Thor,but, y'know not every work of art can be a masterpiece.

  4. Perhaps Andrew needs to start his own blog mayhap?? I think he's definitely done well enough to be a regular guest-blogger! I think he has an exciting trip to the grocery planned for us in the near future. There will be exciting photos!! ~Melissa

  5. Natalie Burnett (not Portman)5/23/11, 11:13 PM

    Andrew, you are audience appeal to the guy crowd with your analysis of blowing things up, and Natalie Portman...and you appeal to the female crowd with your analysis of Natalie Portman being a potential snob. Well played. Oh!- plus, Rosebud-Thor would make an excellent action figure. Trademark that right away.

  6. And here I've been thinking Andrew was ghost writing this blog all along.

  7. Amy Gearheard5/24/11, 7:47 AM

    Love the cat-superhero! I might make Lila one...Good to hear Thor isn't too terrible as I will most likely have to sit through it.

  8. Yes, Andrew's been writing this all along, he often likes to use the phrase 'AWESOME' and 'OMG!' .....NOT! Tee hee
    I think the cat-superhero is the next Must Have Christmas gift, what do you think??

  9. Next time my litter box is dirty, I'm bring the hammer down!

  10. Ok I don't know who really wrote this last comment (Rosebud, you are a superhero genius cat!), but YOU = HILARIOUS! ~Melissa

  11. I can barely type in between the laughter!!!!

  12. Robyn if you liked that one you need to go read Andrew's Father's Day Post -- go look in June archives -- I like that one even better although it's hard to top Rosebud's head on Thor....