May 20, 2011

Birthdays a la Donna Hay

Hey friends! Do you know about Donna Hay? She’s an Australian food editor and cookbook author and has a lovely food magazine. Her work is known for its beautiful food styling and photography -- you seriously want to dive in and eat the pages!


I don’t know about you, but I want the “warming toasties” mentioned on the cover!

Once yearly, Donna also does a children’s edition (you can order back issues), and oh how I suggest you check them out – chock full of gorgeous images and delicious-looking food!!


Now that I’ve discovered this gem, I’ll be snatching it up as soon as I see it! The newest issue should be coming this July. Her last issue devoted to kids featured tons of fabulous birthday party ideas, recipes and inspiration:

Tea party/Garden party/Party ‘o Prettiness?



(photos via Chris Court)

OK. There is a limit to how much temptation I can withstand before I cave! I AM HAVING MY OWN PARTY ‘O PRETTINESS, yes indeedy I am. I need me one (or ten) of those cupcakes with a flower on top!

Her alien adventure/robot party looks pretty darn fun as well:



(Photos via William Meppem)

For each featured party idea, recipes and instructions are fully detailed. There was also a section just on CAKES:


(Photo via William Meppem)

Be sure and check out Donna’s fantastic site – she has a ‘general store’ section, a recipe index, party and food styling ideas, as well as info about her magazines. Such fun! Have a great weekend, and if you have a birthday coming up, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


  1. Oh that looks like a gorgeous magazine that I would love! Thanks!

  2. I just saw the summer issue, it's FANTASTIC!! ~Melissa