May 18, 2011

Clever Cakes

Hey friends, check out what I made:

Show you more? Well alrighty, you don’t have to ask twice! I was soooo proud of this Chocolate Culinary Creation of Coolness! (and that was some SWEET alliteration right there.)

I made this for this past Mother’s Day gathering with my extended family and it was . . . . . . beyond imagining.

Imagine the best chocolate cake you’ve ever had. Are you imagining?

This was BETTER. I promise you, it was Chocolate Valhalla. I would show you a slice, but it was eaten almost immediately.

The recipe is from Williams-Sonoma Comfort Food Cookbook and here is the recipe (with a picture of a slice!).

(photo by Ray Kachatorian)

This cake will make you Very Extremely Happy. The frosting was both fluffy AND creamy, like chocolate marshmallowy pillows of cocoa heaven. I’m running out of adjectives. If you are having a birthday this week, consider this recipe my gift to you!

And take a look at this:

Can you believe how cute these are?? Andrew’s cousin is The Most Talented Chick in the Universe and she made these clown cupcakes from a Martha Stewart recipe. So awesome! I think they were cuter than Martha’s!

The cakes in this book by Kathryn Kleinman are also Super Mega Awesome:

This Meyer Lemon Cake would be yummy for a Spring Birthday! I would make it for my husband Andrew but he 1) hates cake and 2) is Not Fond of lemon. (He is CRAY-ZAY)

Lots and lots and lots of cakes in this book!

These look especially spring-esque and florally lovely:

(photos courtesy of Kathryn Kleinman)

And lastly, look at THIS one:

(Photo via Debi Treloar)

Would any child not LOSE THEIR MIND over that cake????? You can find the recipe in this book. After seeing all these cakes, I’m thinking that I might need to throw a Half-Birthday for Julia or myself or it might be Just Because I Need Cake Day. Sometimes I genuinely NEED cake. Am I alone here? Please tell me no.

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  1. Hey look, I found it, your perfect chocolate cake recipe post!!
    Happy day to you dear friend!!