May 30, 2011

Happy Memorial Day! Hi Summer!

Hi friends!! Where I live, summer doesn’t really start until sometime in . . .mid-July? Maybe? So even though summer doesn’t officially begin until the end of June, I’ll go with thinking about the start of summer like movie studios do – it starts Memorial Day weekend!

So The Summer Book is the perfect way to begin your summer prep.

The work of cookbook author/illustrator Susan Branch has been around for ages and I NEVER EVER tire of her charming and lovely drawings, or her wonderfully tasty recipes! Just flipping the pages of her books makes me all kinds of Happy!

Yes please! I will have all of the above.

My friend Maura (the one who gifted us with Julia’s prairie girl hat and books!) sent me a picture of her dashingly handsome son Jameson and the book they were reading. It’s so fitting for this special day.

Check out this cool dude and his SUPER COOL HAT!

Maura wrote me this note:

“In honor of Memorial Day, my little historian and I just read ‘Red, White and Blue: The Story of the American Flag’.

Jameson enjoyed learning about the Revolutionary War, the War of 1812, the Star Spangled Banner, the Civil War, as well as details about the flag. It was a great refresher for me! I had forgotten that the British burned the White House during the War of 1812.

We both found it interesting that for a while, there were many flags being flown - all stars and stripes, red, white and blue, but different designs. A great book for 1st graders looking for some history. The picture is of Jameson in his coon skin cap from our trip to the Lewis and Clark winter encampment.”

Doesn’t that sound like a great book? Thank you Miss Maura!

And lastly, I can’t seem to shake this image from my head. It works for spring, it works for summer . . .

(Photo via Curly

VIOLET JELLY. Is that not the coolest?? You can find the recipe and the original photo on the blog, Curly Birds, if you want to see the cutest twin girls in the universe and their super crafty mama!

Happy Memorial Day,


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