May 10, 2011

Hello, Hello Kitty Store

You knew this was coming, right? It’s not like I didn’t warn you. Pretty much the whole reason I did a Cat Theme Week was to give me an excuse to hit the Hello Kitty store.

Just remember:

I deserve your pity, not your scorn.

So off we went! Julia asked me beforehand, “Can I get something small?" I hemmed and hawed and then J’s eyes glazed over as I expounded on how small an item we could get because when she realized that Grandma was coming too -- that just basically took me OUT OF THE GIFT SIZE EQUATION altogether.

Look at them marching along in there! Not a care in the world. Julia’s back is essentially saying to me “Yo Mom! Yes you with the camera! Have fun with your photos while I get anything I bat my eyelashes at! Something small my . . . ! (rhymes with sass)



I wonder if I look at this long enough, will I only be able to see the world in pink and purple? Would that be nice? Or terribly annoying and it would eventually drive me insane? Am I insane already?

Let’s not examine that question too closely. Let’s just enjoy the cuteness.

Um, I seriously wonder if Andrew would be mad if I came home with this. Not for me. For the new kitties! That’s a sweet ride, if you ask me.

See, what I loooooove about the Hello Kitty store is that the masterminds behind Hello Kitty anticipate your every need. They realized that I really need this:

If the electricity goes out, I need to know that Hello Kitty has my back.

Perhaps I could put this Very Useful Lantern inside one of these bags:

And you know, cooking is like, hard. EVERY DAY the child and the husband demand food. I could maybe endure their constant whining for meals if I could cook with this spatula:

Heck, I might even make more treats if I had these lovelies:

So, as I was falling deeper into a Hello Kitty induced stupor, Julia and Grandma were having fun at the other end of the store:

I really, really want these pencil bags:

See what it says? “Float away to a world of colors….”

Friends, it doesn’t get deeper than that. That is profound beauty. I’ll bet you never thought that the meaning of life would be revealed to you by Jewelpet and the Sugarbunnies. I think that those who doubt Hello Kitty and her mystical powers eventually see the error of their ways, don’t you? I’m off to go meditate. . . . and stop Grandma from buying anything else. . . .

I leave you with one last celestial image:

If they could speak, Little Twin Stars and Hello Kitty and ALL her friends would tell you to: Love. Go in peace. Namaste. xoxoxo

(Hello Kitty would also say, buy my stuff online here. Mystical Icons need funding.)


  1. Maura Ardis5/11/11, 7:46 AM

    Yes... your best post ever. Dare I admit that there are a few things that I may just HAVE to buy for Charlotte for her birthday. You should see how she rocks her Hello Kitty headphones.

  2. Maura Ardis5/11/11, 7:54 AM

    Oh... and please tell me that Gram purchased the doll from the Hello Kitty Aloha collection.,default,pd.html?cgid=Hawaii-Collection

  3. Let me tell you, when Hello Kitty summons you to buy something, one is often helpless to resist, I totally understand! Sadly, we do not have the Aloha doll (weird right?), but that giant Hello Kitty in the first photo on the post? That beast lives at Grandma's house!

  4. Ohhh!!!! Little Twin Stars!!!! My all-time fav!!! Thank you so much for taking a picture of them. :) We now have a smallish Hello Kitty store at Kaahumanu. One day, hello Kitty herself was there, so I made my daughter stand with her and I took their picture. (Even tho *I* actually wanted to take a picture with Hello Kitty!!)

  5. I took that picture just for you Luana! I remembered that you said you really liked them :) ~Melissa

  6. Amy Gearheard5/13/11, 10:00 AM

    Did you find the Hello Kitty toaster?!

  7. No not yet! I forgot to go looking for that the past few weeks as we were dealing with Icky Illness -- thanks for the reminder! I need Hello Kitty looking at me in my toast... ~Melissa

  8. Soooo cute!!! My girls always leave with something small too! But for reals, it is pretty small. Usually a pencil and a good day a wallet! ;)

  9. Hey Miss Ruby! That day she got a little purse (darn you grandma) and some gum. Sigh. It is the one store where the chances are 99.9% that she's walking out of the store with something!