May 4, 2011

I want to live in Charlie & Lola’s flat

I know, I know. Charlie & Lola. Everyone loves them, I’m not exactly reinventing the wheel by talking about THEM.

Except, you have to allow me to convey HOW VERY EXTREMELY MUCH I LOVE CHARLIE & LOLA! If the only thing C&L had done for me was introduce me to the phrase “EASY PEASY LEMON SQUEEZY”, that would have been enough for the brother-sister pair to endear themselves to me forever. But no, I also got to pick up “MY FAVORITE AND MY BEST”, which is now what Julia and I tell each other when we are feeling very lovey.

Also, author/illustrator Lauren Child is a GENIUS.

Just in case there is anyone on the planet unfamiliar with them, sums it up pretty well:

The books. Are. The. BEST.

The show. Is. The. Cutest. Show. EVER!

Every Saturday morning Julia crawls into bed with us and we watch Charlie and Lola episodes that we’ve taped and oddly, are on only at 3 AM. And every time, it’s ME who’s the one squealing, ‘Yay! We get to watch Charlie & Lola!”

But here’s the other thing I love about them – THE DÉCOR. I am officially obsessed with the lime green walls of their flat, the pink damask print wallpaper, and Lola’s bedding!!

Through my wanderings around the web, I’ve culled some adorable pix of kids’ rooms, many of which are British kids’ rooms and they all appeal SO much to me in their colorfulness, their hodge-podgeness, their un-decoratedness.

These are the kinds of rooms I wish I could have had as a little girl! I would have lost it over all the roses . . . .

(photo courtesy of Ohdeedoh)

(photo courtesy of Ohdeedoh)

This shared sibling room is one of my favorite kid rooms of all time:

The little girl’s bedspread is very Lola-esque.

(photos courtesy Domino magazine)

Look! See the Charlie and Lola bag on the bed post?

(photo courtesy of Sussie Bell, Ideal Home Magazine)

And then imagine my surprise when I got a recent Land of Nod catalog.

The wallpaper!! It’s Charlie & Lola’s wallpaper!! I swear to goodness, it’s Really Extremely Close!!

For Julia’s room, I’ve sort of done this combo of Ikea + Color + Fairies = Hopefully Something Cute. I’ll discuss my deep affection for Ikea during Scandinavian week!

Sometimes we switch around the pillow in the reading corner.

If by some quirk of fate, you have never read or seen Charlie and Lola, check them out immediately – they are Really Extremely Great.


  1. Julia's room is *super cute*!! You did a great job with it! I loved watching Charlie and Lola with my kids when they were little. (Max and Ruby was also a fav.) Somehow, at 9 and 12, they don't want to watch it anymore. Boo. :(

  2. Thanks!!!! I sat around for 2 years trying to pick a paint color :) Her room is My Happy Place. I want to paint our master bedroom purple but Andrew isn't keen on that idea, what the heck is up with that?? Men. We love Max and Ruby too! xo, Melissa