May 2, 2011

International Week: England

Did you all watch The Wedding?? I managed to get Julia to watch it with me for 45 minutes before she pronounced it “too boring” and when I asked her if she wanted to go to England someday, she said “If I am going halfway around the world, I want to go to Japan!” Alrighty.

(photo courtesy

I’ve been a hard-core Anglophile since before I even knew what the word meant. Maybe it was because I was living on a bright, sunny tropical island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, but the thought of misty England half a world away seemed so mysterious and far removed from my everyday living experience that it proved an endless source of fascination for me.

I got up at 2:30 AM Hawaii-time to watch Princess Diana get married. That’s commitment from a little girl!!

(Photo via Kimberlybabcock.blogspot)

I read every book I could get my hands on about children in England, children in boarding schools in England, children having magical encounters with fairies and mystical beings that seemed only to exist in the English countryside.

So, on to all things fabulously British! Here’s a little quiz . . . .

Do you prefer this Emma?

Emma2Or this Emma?
I love them BOTH! (Gwynnie haters step to the rear. I love Gwyneth! Yay GOOP!)

And which is your preferred Mr. Darcy?

I’m on Team Colin.

I had another MAJOR English obsession – CRABTREE & EVELYN. Oh my how I loved me my Crabtree & Evelyn. For a loooooooong time, I just could not get enough C&E! I even had to own this book:

The recipes were compiled by British cooking legend, Nigel Slater, and I love, love, love this cookbook! The gingerbread recipe is one of the best I’ve ever made. Beautifully photographed and divided into sections including Breakfast, Brunch, Tea, Lunch, Picnics, Cocktails, Supper and Dinner, there’s a really interesting assortment of recipes that will make you feel like hosting your own garden party! Or heading out for a picnic with a group of friends! Or having a family brunch at home!

(If you are a slacker like me, it’s also fun to read the recipes and IMAGINE that you will host one of these little fetes.)

Anyone going out for a Sporting Afternoon??

It’s a really fun book and the photos are gorgeous. I look at it all the time! (Someday I really will get around to actually making more things from it.)

Ok, I guess I should get around to discussing an actual children’s book – this one is a nicely abridged edition of a true classic:

I blew it up nice and big for ya so you can get the full effect of the amaaaaaazing illustrations. EACH PAGE is illustrated and the story is absolutely perfect for kids not quite old enough for the full text of the original.
Julia adores this book! She is especially intrigued by that naughty Mr. Toad.

I’m not sure if I can cram my love for All-Things-Brit into one week but we’ll give it a sporting try.


  1. you have outdone your self on this post! You are so funny, love it!! Emma loved watching the wedding highlights. She didn't get the vows part - she asked if me and Daddy did alot of talking when we got married..? Christina

  2. Oh you are TOO SWEET!!! I wish I had a picture of myself wearing my petticoat, THAT would have really made this post epic. I think Julia was a bit disappointed that the wedding wasn't more 'Disney-esque' tee hee. . .