May 19, 2011

Posh Parties

I found some clever cake! Over at the Mega-Super-Blogsite that is Apartment Therapy/Ohdeedoh/The Kitchn, there was this cutie:

(Image from The Kitchn via Kiki La Ru)

Banners for cake! Love it.

Ok we need some book action! I’ve taken quite a detour into all this cake, I became a little sidetracked...I really love cake...

Consider this next book a Very Special Present, from me to you.

Ahhhh this book, I don’t know how to best describe it. It’s a little, lovely book with nine short stories all about parties and birthdays – as they relate to The Inner Meaning of Life, according to an ant, a squirrel, a seagull.

A grasshopper buys a speck of dust at a shop, for the the sole purpose of flicking it off his shoulder at a party.

I feel like The Squirrel’s Birthday is some kind of . . . secret treasure. I’d never heard of it until pretty recently and I really try to cover a lot of ground, book-wise.

It’s DEEP. But not in an annoying, college major who always wants to Engage You In Major Philosophical Discussion and thinks-they-know-everything kind of way.

It’s deep in its simplicity, in its spare prose, in its idea that gifts, cake and happy times can extend past a party event.

A gift can be . . a thought.

It reminds me a little bit of The Little Prince, except I never really liked or got all the hubbub about that book very well. (Maybe because I had to read it in French class and it was the most frustrating experience of my life!)

Let me tell you, I’m off to collect Dutch author Toon Tellegen’s other books. I can’t really give an age range for his work. Some stories I could read to Julia now, but others definitely have some language and ideas that she just won’t get. I think I’ll try this one on her in another year or so.

And this one, I am sharing a book I’ve had all of my life, it seems. It was my Most Favorite Book when I was five.

Sloth is messy. After nearly drowning his friends while they are having supper in his rickety, leaky home, Sloth worries that his buddies will refuse to celebrate his birthday with him.

Of course they don’t! Everyone shows up to give useful gifts to help him fix his home!

It’s out of print, but you know that I never let that fact slow me down -- Amazon seems to want to charge a trillion dollars for even a used copy but has several used copies for about $2. (of course you’ll pay more than that in shipping, but such is the irony of life.)

To wrap up Birthday Book Bonanza, you must know that even Eeyore Has a Birthday:

Free advice for the day: Try not to eat anyone’s birthday present!


  1. very fun choices! I haven't read the first two, but did start collecting birthday books a few years ago for a birthday book box idea. These would go great in there. I"m off to see if our library has some!

  2. This is why I am extra, super excited to have discovered you because really, there can NEVER be enough book love! When I find something I haven't come across before book-speaking, it's like Christmas for me! I was psyched to read about on your blog about those vintage collection sets of books -- I think I need some of those :)~Melissa