May 26, 2011

Sometimes Mommy Reads Too

Yes, it’s true! Although I must admit, going through law school basically destroyed my ability to read Very Long Things. Which is why I think I became so addicted to blogs – short, fast, pretty pictures!

Recently, I’ve realized that without meaning to necessarily, I pretty much only want to read Young Adult fiction. (Those of us in the club like to disguise that fact by calling it YA fiction. Tricky eh?)

Here’s what I want to know. WHERE the HECK was THIS when I was growing up???

My husband Andrew had to point this sign out to me at a recent venture to the bookstore.

First of all, Teen Paranormal Romance is now its own genre.

And second, it has its own section at the bookstore.

I dove headfirst into Harry Potter. That was a no brainer and those are books that should be read by EVERYBODY. (Hello Andrew.) But I resisted mightily the whole Twilight deal. They were for 14 year old girls right? I had better things to do. (Not really.)

Team Edward, yo.

But then my sister-in-law told me I ABSOLUTELY HAD TO go read them, and I was like alrighty, twist my arm. So I read the first one and then made Andrew go get me the second one at 9pm on a Tuesday evening because I literally could not wait ONE MILLISECOND LONGER TO READ THE NEXT ONE. Andrew’s brother calls the Twilight books the literary version of crack. I think he’s right.

And then about six months ago I moved on to The Hunger Games trilogy:

Great hallmarks of literary achievement? No. Super fun? Yes.

(Well, teens knocking off others teens for sport maybe shouldn’t be called fun per se, but they are clever, fast paced books that are as close to a cinema experience-in-a-book as you’re going to get.)

I’m super excited for the movie! And if you want to basically see the film before its ever been made, check out the Japanese movie ‘Battle Royale’.

(Jennifer Lawrence is going to kick major booty. Don’t think so? See ‘Winter’s Bone’.)

I like it when books I read become movies. I broke away from my YA fiction to read Never Let Me Go :

Really good book! Really good movie! I cried buckets. Kazuo Ishiguro has a special talent, I’ve decided, for capturing the secret thoughts (good and bad) we all have about the people in our lives. He really gets into the why of the way people behave the way they do.

P.S. While we are on the topic of books and movies – remember Andrew’s post on ‘Thor’ ? Silly goose, he was SUPPOSED to link to The Heroes of Asgard, which I think is the one I read when I was young and I loved it. GORGEOUS illustrations, great children’s book!

So there you go. Now you see how I’ve been spending some of my reading time! Oh, I just read about this YA book over at the blog, More than a Mummy. I’m going to have to check it out! Yay another trilogy to wade through. . .

(Image credits: imdb)


  1. Yeah, I really liked Never Let Me Go (the movie, I haven't read the book). Quite the downer, but on my 20hr diverted flight from Abu Dhabi to Chicago it was just the ticket.

  2. Yeah I cried a lot! You too?? :) Right now I'm reading another Ishiguro book called 'When We Were Orphans', it's really good but for some reason it is taking me forever to get through it (I blame the new kitties, Miss J and the BLOG ;). ~Melissa