May 17, 2011

Tiny Tot Tuesday: Betty Bear’s Birthday

Birthday this week!! Who is it? Someone in this picture:

Not me. Not Julia. It’s Andrew who is literally in the sun spotlight! (I’m the shady lady.)

Look at Julia! That girl was one giant head when she was a baby. If you ever see this page looking strangely blank for some reason, it means that Andrew came into my editing program and yanked this picture out.

Andrew is our master of zen who guides the twin sparks of drama (the big girl and little girl in this family) through life. And believe me, the two of us can create a LOT of drama!

It’s also Betty Bear’s Birthday this time of year, or so I imagine:

Another Gyo Fujikawa book!

By now, you probably know that I’ve made it my personal mission in life to collect and own every book she’s ever done. This book is out of print, but don’t let that stop you. I got mine used from Amazon. (Ignore the part where someone is selling a new version for $170. Unless you are more obsessed than I am. Just get a used copy!)

It’s Betty Bear’s birthday, but her friends are acting strangely.

Betty is sad until she realizes that her friends are ignoring her because they are getting ready for Betty’s birthday picnic!

It’s a tiny little story, but the adorable factor is huge and the art is just sweet, sweet, sweet!

Gyo, Gyo, Gyo – I swear she had some inner vision into Pure Childhood Bliss. Her drawings and stories are the stuff of early childhood magic!


  1. Well, Melissa, yes, I think we SHOULD be friends! I, too, am in love with anything and everything by Gyo Fujikawa..sigh....I love this one! Haven't seen it yet, but hope to stumble across it soon. (We have a really good goodwill around here.)

    Thanks so much for stopping by--you can be sure I will be back to read what you and Julia are up to very soon. ;)


  2. One of my favorite illustrated books (I have lots of happy memories wrapped up with it) of all time is, Twas the Night Before Christmas that Gyo Fujikawa illustrated. You are right, she must have had a blissful childhood!

    Thank you for your kind comments, I love to "meet" others who love children's books as much as I do!

  3. Hey, commenting on this post too... I love the sequence with julia's birthday shirts. Does watching her grow fill your heart with joy or sorrow? That book looks so sweet. I love birthdays.

  4. Oh golly, BOTH I guess! I love every age she's been. I used to cry when I had to fold up clothes she'd outgrown -- now I'm like, ok time to clear the clutter! If I had started a bit younger than I did (and had had an easier pregnancy and a lower maintenance baby :), I would have loved to have had three kids like you! (Maybe? at least two!)

  5. Oh and I love birthdays too! So much! I love everything about celebrating oneself, ha ha ha :)

  6. seeing that succession of photos pulled at my heart strings... having three kids is kinda like living at the zoo. But its good for us (do you think I'm completely insane when I say we probably aren't done having kids?) My sister in NY is your age (which I learned from your birthday post), she's having her first in July... its really really exciting!

    Reading posts from your archives is bad for me cause I want to read them all. I may just have to set aside some major computer time and do that!

  7. Wow Robyn! Think of it -- you'll never have to lift a finger around your house again! You can have your kids do it all! Love it!

    My husband's ma is one of TWELVE. He's got THIRTY first cousins!

    One time I read Nie Nie Dialogues for an entire evening! Same with My Favorite and My Best. I think several nights were devoted to archive reading!