May 10, 2011

Tiny Tot Tuesday: Cute Kittens!

We’ve been pet free for awhile but just a few weeks ago, these cutie pies arrived in our home.



Guess who named them?

The Siamese is actually the tabby kitten’s mama! After months and months of my kid asking, we decided to get some new pets. These little guys were actually her 5th birthday present from my mom-in-law, and they are sooooooo sweet and cute and funny. The missy is thrilled and they are really adorable little kitties!

Some other cute kittens:

More amazingness from the Goddess of Children’s Lit, Margaret Wise Brown. The Color Kittens is a MUST MUST Read. Super Must. Very Much Must!

Hush and Brush are color mixing artists extraordinaire:

They find that they have no green, so the kittens embark on a quest to make green paint! Through color and error, they finally achieve their GREEN PAINT goal, after making nearly every other hue under the sun.

I am totally obsessed with this book, totally obsessed with Margaret Wise Brown. I just can’t rave enough about her!

If you can’t tell, if a book is vintagey, I’m all over it:

Such a sweet little story! Kitten loses Mama. Kitten wanders around. Kitten makes a few friendly friends. Kitten finds Mama!

Hope that your day is CAT-tastic!!


  1. Amy Gearheard5/10/11, 8:24 AM

    Rosebud is getting so big!! And Sally, sorry I can't add 'Sparkles' looks quite at home! I should send you a few pictures I took of Rose when I was out and she was so so tiny! Congratulations on the new kitties, they couldn't have gotten a better home. :-) Xoxo~ Auntie A

  2. Rosebud likes to attack ankles and knees! Sally likes to 'chirp', it's the funniest little sound. :) ~Melissa

  3. Those kitten are so sweet!!! And I totally remember the Color Kittens book!

  4. I'm going to have do a post about NAUGHTY kittens soon! Rosebud has been in attack mode all day! :)

  5. An Acquaintance5/10/11, 11:31 PM

    More kitten pictures, please!

  6. Wow those kitties sure are popular!! On Friday, I'll do a little kitten montage.... :) ~Melissa