May 3, 2011

Tiny Tot Tuesday: Polly Dunbar

One of the reasons I started this blog was because there are so many amazing and exciting books in Children’s Lit Land and if I get to share something that really floats my boat, then maybe someone else will think it’s super cool as well!! And then HAPPINESS IS MULTIPLIED.

 Polly Dunbar has written and illustrated some of our very favorite books (and I don’t think we’re alone in sharing that opinion), including this one:

Joyce Dunbar is her mom! I love Shoe Baby so much, I give it away as gifts! There were about six or so books that were in constant rotation when my kiddo was a toddler, this was one of them.

Shoe Baby has LOADS OF FUN travelling around in a magical shoe. Why does he fit into a shoe? Well because his folks are GIANTS!

The rhyming story is so adorable that certain words in it have become common phrases that we use in our family even now:
“At long last this baby slept in that shoe, so dozy, so cozy, so tickety-boo.”
TICKETY-BOO!! I mean really. The cuteness. Tickety-boo! There. Now it will be forever in YOUR head as well!

Those amazingly vivid colors remind me of another Polly Dunbar book, Flyaway Katie, also a huge favorite:

Katie wakes up one day and laments about the gray, gray day.

To cheer herself up, she puts on her most colorful clothes and paints every last inch of her body!

At which point, she (OF COURSE) turns into a fabulously plumaged bird and flies off to Beautiful Bird Paradise, where she spends a glorious afternoon before having to fly home into her bath.

One day we entertained ourselves by drawing our own pictures of Flyaway Katie and her birds!

More Dunbar cuteness:

Do yourself a HUGE favor and bring a Polly Dunbar book into your reading world – more Polly Dunbar info can be accessed here.

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