June 30, 2011

Catalog Coolness

A recent pile of catalogs came my way recently and I have to share that I am the Catalog Queen. I think I have so so many because I am such an internet troll and click on everything I see, so I wind up on a gazillion mailing lists . . . I actually look forward to sorting and going through my giant pile . . .before tossing them all out. But occasionally I find great inspiration....

Have to admit that I am normally not the biggest fan of Pottery Barn Kids room décor styling. Just too . . . perfect and saccharine sweet for me, I usually like something more vibrant and off kilter. But this room speaks to me for some reason, and what I am really flipping for is the handmade cherry blossom 3-D art on the wall! In the catalog, it says that the mural was crafted from colored heavy duty paper. I think this is something even the craft challenged could do and would make big visual impact!

Shark sheeting because Julia thinks that sharks are awesome.

And madras plaid curtains, because preppy is ALWAYS awesome! Yes, always.

Zodiac pillows from Serena & Lily are new and so fun. I’m a Capricorn by the way, aristocracy of the zodiac. Just sayin’.

I love love love love this room. LOOOOOOVE IT.

And how fabulous are these menagerie bookends? (Pretty fabulous, if you ask me!)

Poofs are a dime a dozen now, but I haven’t seen them in cute colors like this before.

I love the shape of these lunch pails from Garnet Hill. There’s a shark pail!

And I leave you today with a little something for the grown up people – I want this outfit. BAD. It just epitomizes summer coolness to me. . . .

You can find the Ikat tunic here. The cardigan in this color may be sold out, but other colors are available here. And don’t forget the shorts!

If you’ve seen anything summerific around the internet or in a catalog, let me know, and we can revel in the cuteness together!

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