June 24, 2011

Cute/Fierce Dinos/Dragons

Well now that we’ve spent the week canvasing the book world of Dinosaurs & Dragons, it’s time to look at some cute Dino-Dragon STUFF. Or more specifically, some great bags to put your stuff into! And some great stuff to put into bags! Are you confused yet? I am!

Let’s start with a great bookbag shall we? (And you know we love bookbags around here so much we named the blog after them!):

You can find this darling backpack (monograms available!) here.

Over at the gorgeously photographed blog, Under the Sycamore, I saw some truly precious dino apparel featured. Julia would have lost her mind over this Dino with a Lolly shirt when she was a toddler!!

Repeat: DINO WITH A LOLLY. The inventory at this Etsy shop changes fast I think, I’d get on this quick if it floats your boat. The super cute Dino dress I saw featured on Under the Sycamore was gone by the time I got over to the Etsy site to check it out. (*Looks like the dress is back in stock. Go now!)

And over at Applewoods Knoll’s adorable Etsy shop, I found this ultra charming dragon nursery art – I love that I can see this art in a child’s room no matter what the gender!

Let me tell you, both dinos and dragons are both well represented in the lunch box realm:

This Dragon’s World Lunchbox I could see as a lunch box or just as a really cool carrying case for toys or art supplies.

And I can’t decide which of these dinosaur/dragon lunchboxes I think is more fun.

The dinosaurs?

Or the dragons? Tough call!

I can personally vouch for Crocodile Creek lunchboxes and backpacks. Julia used one of their lunchboxes all through preschool and it basically looks like it did when we first bought it.

Crocodile Creek has so many fun things (many of which come in a Dinosaur theme!) – like this sketch book, water bottles, backpacks, toys and other accessories. I think their inventory is really super cute and really super well made!

Getting back to books for a minute – I didn’t even touch the surface of what’s out there in Dinosaur book land – I have some great non-fiction dino books for kids that I’ll come back to at another time!

Enjoy your weekend and please think healthy thoughts for little Julia – no more pneumonia!

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