June 20, 2011

D is for Dinosaur

I hope you all had a fantastic and fun Father’s Day weekend! For those of you who missed it on Friday, I would not be a good friend if I didn’t refer you back to Andrew’s Father’s Day post, which is the most Epic Blog Post ever to hit the interwebs (Or at least jolly good entertainment. You can take your pick as to which description most accurately fits).

My friends, there are SIGNS. Signs that maybe summer might start pushing and prodding its way into our weather landscape. Of course, each time I think there are signs, (one sunny day or maybe two -- in a row) then the weather likes to yank the rug out from under me – ‘Don’t get too comfortable there missy! Do you need me to remind you about RAIN? Yes? You do? More reminding? You ask, and I’ll deliver!’

But I did manage to get some pictorial evidence of some smidges of summeriness:

Peonies are the most perfect flowers, yes indeedy they are.

I’ve made rhubarb crisp twice in the past month! I’m pretty happy with the recipe I used, you can find it here. It involves making a very easy sugar syrup to pour over the rhubarb, which makes the cooked result very creamy and gel-like.

Mr. Andrew is anti-cake (!!!!), so when I make desserts, it’s usually of the crisp, crumble, pie, or cookie variety. He does tolerate pudding. But not bread pudding. Which just stupefies me, because I still recall eating a bread pudding that was made out of BANANA BREAD and studded with chocolate chips – it’s one of the Top 5 desserts I’ve ever eaten in my life. I had it at a café in San Francisco and I cannot for the life of me remember the name of the place! It was obviously meant to be a once in a lifetime dessert eating experience.

(So happy summer is coming, singing songs to the sky is needed.)

And this isn’t really summery either, but our dinos are here to welcome you to Dinosaur and Dragon Week:

My daughter used to have a little dinosaur thing. Actually it was a big dinosaur thing. Tomorrow for Tiny Tot Tuesday, you’ll be able to see for yourself the magnitude and enormity of her great love for all things saurus-related. That kiddo looooooved her dinosaurs!

And although she’s not quite as dino-crazed as she used to be when she was a toddler, my girl still totally enjoys a good dinosaur book. ‘Dinosaur vs. The Potty’ is a super fun one we picked up from the library, the little missy laughed and laughed and laughed:

Dinosaur is determined to show the potty who’s boss! He spits in the face of too much liquids! Dinosaur thinks he is such a Master of the Bladder that he’s sure he doesn’t need to use the potty even after a THREE juice box lunch! Booyah!

But eventually, maybe, possibly . . . all that juicing and splashing and guzzling of... everything.....
....is going to lead to The Potty Dance. He makes it to the potty, just barely. Better luck defeating that potty next time Dinosaur! We LOVED this one! I can’t wait to check out ‘Dinosaur vs. Bedtime’.

And next up we have another ambitious dinosaur, ‘Brontorina’:

Brontorina longs to be the epitome of grace and beauty on the ballet stage. The problem is that the ballet stage is a leeeeeetle bit too small to handle that much grace and beauty.

Eventually, her patient and kind teacher realizes that there are no too-big-dancers, only too-small-stages. So the entire ballet class takes to the great outdoors for their performing, where Brontorina’s talent is no longer limited, restricted or bound in any way. Another great library score!

‘When Dinosaurs Came With Everything’ is one we’ve had for a couple of years now, and we still read it all the time – Julia probably laughs at it more now, she was a bit young for the humor back when we first got it -

Instead of the usual balloon or lollipop that usually accompanies a trip to the doctor or after a haircut, the hero of this book and his mom discover that a dinosaur is the prize of the day, much to his delight and his mom’s horror. This state of affairs goes on ALL DAY, EVERYWHERE THEY GO. Will the mom lose her mind? No! She discovers that dinos are great at doing chores! Everyone wins!

It’s super silly and it’s never gotten old. If you have any favorite dinosaur books, I’d love to hear about it!


  1. Julia says she likes 'Dinosaur vs. Potty' because "I like potty talk. I really do!" Well ok...... ~Melissa

  2. Mmm...crisp. I've been making a lot of crisps recently. I think the best was a pear-cranberry crisp. Blackberry-cranberry was quite good, too (I had a giant Costco bag of frozen cranberries).

  3. Oh that sounds so great! The few times I've tried to do pear crisp my pears turned to mush. I think this warrants further experimentation . . . ~Melissa

  4. Hi! I'm hopping over from If Toys Could Talk... thanks for checking out my blog! :) You have a wonderful blog - I'm a new follower.

    As to dinosaur books... my 20-month-old son loves How Does a Dinosaur Love His Dog. It's a board book, so not for older kids, but it's really cute!

  5. Oh you are so welcome! I'm going to have show your pix to my daughter, she's going to think all those toy photos of yours are sooooo cute :) That toddler book you mentioned sounds really sweet! I'm doing more younger-aged Dino books tomorrow for Tiny Tot Tuesday, you might find some more ideas for your toddler! ~Melissa