June 21, 2011


Blogland friends, my kiddo has something she would like to say to you.
Dear People: (yes she really said this)
My favorite reptiles are Dinosaurs and Dragons. And I love to play with dragons because I like frost dragons because they are very beautiful when they blow frost. And I like fire dragons because their fire is so red and shimmery. And my favorite kind of dinosaurs are meat-eaters because I like meat myself. And also I am a big big fan of the beautiful, beautiful feathers of the velociraptor. That’s not all. And I like um, dinosaurs because they are so cool and big and ferociously fierce. I like the way dinosaurs move. Write this down. This is the kind of dance moves I like: Stomp stomp! Flap Flap! Shake your tail and spin around! And hop 3 times 1-2-3! And hop on one foot 4 times 1-2-3-4! And put ‘em all together! Stomp stomp stomp!”
--verbatim monologue from Julia on what she likes about Dragons and Dinosaurs

Personally I think I could get away with just posting the above letter and consider this a great blogging day!
But, I’ll keep going and show you a whole heap-hop load of DRAGON books. Dragons are currently Julia’s obsession du jour. Me? I’ll stick with Hello Kitty.
Here’s the dragon book she was referring to in her little letter, its got a FANTASTIC TITLE:

Short and to the point. I like it! So, the bummer thing is . . .I think this one might be out of print, even though we only got it last year. I can’t find it on Amazon or on the Usborne site, the company who originally put out the book. But if you see it around at a friend’s house (just take it), or a used bookstore (don’t just take it) or the library (you can borrow it, it’s not considered stealing), definitely pick it up!
‘The Boy Who Painted Dragons’ is a beautiful story about a boy who works out his apprehension of dragons by painting them. Celestial dragons are so impressed by his artistry that they fly down to Earth to give him pieces of wisdom. Through his encounters with the dragons, the boy gains enlightenment AND learns to conquer his fear. Very cool book!
Demi Dragon
‘The Land of Long Ago’ is by the amazing Elsa Beskow and was written in 1923! I have several of her books – they have charming, old fashioned illustrations and sweet fairy tale-esque storylines – sprites, gnomes, pixies and trolls all figure prominently in her works.

Elsa Beskow dragon
This is a really neato tale about a brother, a sister, and their magically animated tree stump flying dragon. They work together to release a knight from a dungeon tower, rescue a princess and defeat a not-so-nice real dragon. By defeat, I mean he is “slain” by the knight, who cuts off his head. Nothing that you wouldn’t find in a traditional fairy tale story by Brothers Grimm or Hans Christian Anderson, but parents, use your judgment as to when you think your kiddos would be ready for a story where there is actual dragon slaying involved. Andrew and I both loved this story, but I think Julia would have been up for it more at age 6 or 7.
I apparently didn’t exercise good judgment because Julia wants you to know: Dear Parents: This is a good story but I didn’t think the part where the knight cuts off the dragon’s head was appropriate. (!!!!!!!) So maybe you should wait until your sweet marshmallows are older.”
Folks, I couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried!
We loved ‘The Knight and the Dragon’ but then we love anything done by Tomie dePaola:

This one involves a knight and a dragon preparing to fight each other because they both think that’s what knights and dragons do. They discover they aren’t too awesome at fighting each other, unfortunately. (Or fortunately?)
A good portion of the story is wordless, and after several futile attempts, they decide that their individual talents would be better served by opening their own BBQ eatery!
‘Max’s Dragon’ is about a boy who claims he has a dragon friend in the sky. Naturally, his older brothers scoff at this notion, but after Max and his dragon appear to be controlling the weather, his brothers think maybe they might want to get on board with this dragon business. 

At one one point, the word “thicket” is used and now Julia thinks this is a very cool word!
OK I feel like we all learned a whole lot today: I’m inappropriate (old news!). Kids = “sweet marshmallows”. Dragons are way cool, unless you cut off their heads. And borrowing is good, stealing is bad, unless you steal from a friend. You might want to grab a pad and write these celestial nuggets of Dragon wisdom down. Oh and Julia thinks she is writing this blog all the time now. Uh oh.

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