June 9, 2011

Fantastic Flowers

I have to state from the outset that the flowers you are about to see . . .

. . .were not grown by me.

. . .do not live in my yard.

. . .I am not responsible in any way for their level of awesome.

But I can appreciate and photograph their level of awesome, because they live at my mom’s house!

This is some kind of heirloom rhododendron plant, and I have never seen one like it before! This blush tinged variety is just incredible, don’t you think? I was totally knocked out when I saw these for the first time. Normally I don’t get all hyper about a rhody plant, they are as common as weeds around here, but these are like something out of enchanted flower land.

And look at these! More rhodys but the shading, oh my, it just takes my breath away.

And check out these tulips (which are all gone now) – I think tulips are so . . .Happy! They make everything seem bright and cheery.

Except for these. I would describe these more as cheeky little sassypants! (Like my daughter.)

In the FAR back reaches of time (two years ago), we had a super spring and we visited the local tulip festival:

(Not my mother’s garden, just FYI.)

It was like something out of the Wizard of Oz. Fields and fields of Technicolor tulips.

I think Flower Fairies (yes, you knew I had to have something like this in here, didn’t you?) would feel right at home in my mother’s garden. (They might get a bit lost in the tulip fields!)

OOOOOH this book is soooooooo pretty! I heart pretty. It could be the worst book in the world, slap a pretty cover on it and a few fairies, and I would cheerfully run up a hill to get it. This book, happily, is a GREAT one to have for those who love all things pixie out there!

There is a lot of Fairy Information crammed into this book:

“Lily-of-the-valley rings her snowy white bells . . .Grape Hyacinth chats to the others . . .Double Daisy greets the sun with a smile . . .”

Cicely Mary Barker has a whole series of fairy books (I wrote about this beauty in April) that are just gorgeous. Look at the summer one! My mom keeps it for us at her house.

Want to make a fairy house to live in your own garden? Check out this tutorial on EtsyKids!

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