June 23, 2011

More Dragons!

So I have to share that my little dragon was just diagnosed with walking pneumonia. I’m so BUMMED. This is coming a little more than a month on the heels of her lengthy Easter-time virus that had her down for about three weeks. This year has just been non-stop with the illnesses.

But here’s the kicker and it shows how helpful Blogland can be – yesterday I read on one of my favorite sites, Design Mom, about how one of the daughters in that family had just come down with bad pneumonia. My daughter had been mildly sick with this seemingly slight cough/cold, but it just wasn’t going away – and after I read about the pneumonia on Design Mom yesterday morning, something just went CLICK and I told my husband, we’re calling the pediatrician NOW. They got her in, the doc listened to her chest and immediately ordered a chest x-ray, and yep, walking pneumonia. My free advice? Don’t ever be afraid to be “that mother”, who worries and frets over every illness. I am that mother, and I used to feel bad about it, but I feel pretty vindicated now, you can always tell when something is not quite right!

So before today’s dragon fiesta, we have more dino stuff to wade through. Last weekend we went to a local Children’s Museum, and up on the rooftop, there was the coolest area where kids can ‘dig’ for dinosaur bones! My kiddo thought this was FAN-TAS-TIC:

Very intense and blurry paleontology practicing . . .

Fossil. Cool.

Mr. Stegosaurus is wearing a little sign asking that you PLEASE STAY OFF HIS BODY! (But it’s alright to stand IN IT.)

OK! Switching gears! Back to dragons!

If your little dragon needs his or her own play dragon, isn’t this corduroy plushy adorable? I’ve never seen one like this before! You can find it at this Etsy shop.

This guy just cracks me up for some reason – it’s summer Campfire Dragon!

And if your child dragon needs to also dress like a dragon, take a peek at these pajamas from the children’s clothing line, Tea Collection.  We own the pink ones and my daughter has been wearing them non-stop since last Christmas. The selection at the actual Tea site is limited since these were winter PJ’s, but I’ve found them available via some other online retailers. They’re on sale!

1.) Tea Collection Dragon & Cloud Long Sleeve Pajama Set in Rose, $24.49. 2.) Tea Collection Dragon Clouds Short Johns, $29.

I wrote not long ago about how I tore through the ‘Twilight’ and ‘The Hunger Games’ books at the speed of light – well, for my daughter, the ‘My Father’s Dragon’ book series was her “Twilight’. We started these books one afternoon and she insisted we read them at every opportunity until the very last one was completed!

These books were written in the 1940’s and the stories have just the right amount of suspense for a preschooler being read to or 6-7 year old reading on their own. They are just plain FUN – I mean, the hero’s name is ELMER ELEVATOR. Plus, the art is amazing and there are really cool maps of the fictional dragon country in which the stories are set. I love cool maps!

These are the most text heavy books I’ve read to my kiddo, and she just couldn’t get enough – we went back and read the first one again as soon as we were done with all three.

I like all of the books I write about, otherwise I wouldn’t be writing about them, but to these books I seriously give my HIGHEST recommendation – they are fabulous! They are definitely my cool book score of the year.

Are there any books that have just rocked your universe lately?? Or any illnesses you diagnosed from reading a blog?? Tell me, tell me!


  1. Poor Julia! I hope she feels better soon. Those pictures of her at the museum are adorable, by the way.

  2. Oh thank you, thank you! She actually has been running around like mad and generally being her normal crazy self -- which is why I think it took a bit for it to register that this was not just a 'normal' cold . . .~Melissa

  3. Oh poor little bean. I had walking poo-noo-moan-ya too this winter. I hope it doesn't let that stop her, oh wait, its Julia.

    LOVE "My Father's Dragon" series. We tore through it too. Also, have you ever read the epic picture book "Dinosaurs Love Underpants"? Its a great title and not a fantastic book, but y'know, you can't have everything.

    Museum looks amazing. When the summer finally decides to get here and actually stay a while I"m planning on taking the kids back to the rose garden to picnic. Wish you could come on by for some samwiches!

  4. Poo-noo-moan-ya, LOVE IT!!!! That exactly sums up my thoughts about it! We have "Dinosaur's Love Underpants" too!! Hilarious book cover and title, but the story is kinda meh. I was going to put it on this week but I already had too much material -- Oh the rose garden, I want to go too! We need to get ourselves back down there :) ~Melissa