June 15, 2011

Summertime Hello Kitty!

When summer begins in earnest, I’ll be SET. Because look at these pictures my friend Gretchen sent to me:

She sent me this cute note:

“Just imagine sitting out on your patio on a hot summer day drinking Hello Kitty Lemonade while fanning yourself with your Hello Kitty Fan and popping Hello Kitty candy! Don't know if we'll ever get a hot day though!”

Can you imagine the sheer level of AWESOME with that scenario?? I can!

These items can be found at World Market Cost Plus. If there is a store in your area, I highly suggest you check it out. I call Cost Plus my secret shopping source. They have such cool and unusual things: international foods, great pillows, rugs and décor accessories, furniture, kitchen supplies, wine, tea, and other neat treats . . .they have EVERYTHING.

Get ready to be stoked people, (as if the treats weren’t enough fun to behold) because Gretchen sent me pix of the NEW PINK HELLO KITTY that just became available at our local Build-A-Bear Workshop store:


She needs some cute outfits. LOOK AT THE LITTLE BOOTIES!!!!! I’m freaking out.

See? She looks so cute when she is all dressed up! And did you notice the little sign that says you can add a heartbeat sound to your Hello Kitty? HOLY COW, can you imagine? I could snuggle up to Hello Kitty and hear her heart beating next to mine. Wow. I seriously think that might be the coolest thing in the entirety of the time space continuum.

Little purse? Anyone? Andrew would laugh at me for the rest of eternity if he ever saw me with this.

A super huge thanks to my friend Gretchen who took all these photos and sent them to me! You made my day!! I owe you BIG.

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