June 28, 2011

Tiny Tot Tuesday: 4th o’ July Fun

You should know that my kiddo is wearing her Hello Kitty skort and her Hello Kitty flip-flops. Just FYI. I think this is the first year really that she is super excited about “America’s Birthday Party”, as she terms it. The little missy had a ball painting in the backyard this past weekend and was very happy to give her own interpretive spin to the U.S. of A. flag!

Aren’t these watermelon stars DARLING?? They are so effortlessly brilliant in their simplicity – I saw these and thought, Now there is something I could do!! And yet, it never occurred to me to do this with watermelon. Sooooo easy, so cool!

And these lanterns – well need I remind you how easy and fun this craft is to do? And we all know that I am not crafty. Remember our Japanese lanterns? These are constructed exactly the same way! They would look so fabulous strung on a patio or in a tree outside.

I’m not sure I quite understand the whole cake-in-a-jar phenomenon, but you have to admit, they sure are cute! Like little mini trifles, these are assembled in much the same way – crumble a cake layer, add a layer of frosting, crumble more cake, add more frosting and sprinkles and you’ve got CAKE IN A JAR! And apparently they keep well! For the whole tutorial, see here. (And just you wait until next Christmas season – my discovery of lights-in-a-jar was basically a holiday miracle for me.)

Hello Kitty wants to help you celebrate the 4th of July, isn’t that sweet? Did you know that there was a Hello Kitty book about celebrating the U.S.A.? Neither did I! Do I have any idea about what is in this book? No! Never read it, but it’s HELLO KITTY and I love her and apparently she loves the U.S. so we’re all good here.

(All of the Hello Kitty books I’ve read are really simple and fun and I have a feeling that this is probably a very sweet little story that would be fun for toddlers. And myself.)

‘Fourth of July Mice’ is perfect perfect for the toddler set and it’s a cute as a button little book.

I got this one a couple years ago – we loved the little wee mousies!

When Miss J was a baby and toddler, oh how she loved Corduroy books! They are so sweet and so colorful! ‘Corduroy’s 4th of July’ follows along with him during his fun Independence Day celebrations, which involve a picnic, a parade, playing games with his pals and of course, FIREWORKS!! This one is soooooo darling, and Lisa McCue’s art is just the most adorable that you’ll ever see.

I think our July 4th plans involve attending the local Kid’s Bike Parade and then parking ourselves in the backyard for the remainder of the day and playing and sparkler-izing. What’s on the agenda for you?

(Image Credits: Pinterest, Babble.com)


  1. I think I need some cake in a jar. Right. Now. :)

    silly eagle books--vanessa

  2. Wouldn't they be cute in old jam jars?? ~Melissa