June 7, 2011

Tiny Tot Tuesday: Cherry Blossoms & Roses

To honor the end of Spring (I won’t miss it much because it never really showed up), here are some cherry blossom pictures from last year that will help me remember that Spring can be lovely, if it puts its mind to it.

I’ve sort of forgotten that it’s technically still spring! But I am soooooo ready for summer seeing as how anything resembling spring never really materialized here until just a couple days ago.

Take a look at this lovely, lovely book that celebrates the most famous of floral beauties, The Rose.

Nora is home sick with a cold. She gazes out her window all day and sees all the passers-by enjoying the rosebush just outside. Nora wishes she could be enjoying the flowers as well, when magically she is transported into the world of roses and spends an enchanted afternoon with the lovely blooms. At day’s end, when there is only one bloom left on the bush, she decides to draw the last rose so that she’ll have a memory of it forever. Beautiful.

If you are interested in making your own rose tea, you can find rosebuds suitable for tea steeping here. And the more adventurous palates among you might like to try rose candy.

Many of Satomi Ichikawa’s books are only available used, as they are out of print. But I am so intrigued by her quiet, understated watercolor-and-ink illustrations and gentle stories, I am going to pick up used copies of these next three books if I can’t find them at the library. Don’t be afraid of buying used books! The prices are usually outstanding and you miss out on some real finds if you only stick to what’s new.

Nora’s Castle is a tale of a little girl, her doll and her teddy bear exploring a mysterious castle, which turns out to be a magical place allowing the animals who live in and around the castle to speak. I can’t wait to read it!

I don’t even care what Nora’s Stars is about, I would get it based on the cover alone. (Sometimes the old adage of not judging a book by its cover doesn’t hold true!) But it has been described as the perfect bedtime book, gentle enough for the smallest reader.

The description on Amazon from the School Library Journal says:
“(Nora) discovers an old trunk full of toys that come magically to life at bedtime. That night when Nora wishes that she could have the stars that appear to be so close, the toys gather them up from the sky and bring them to her. They spend an enchanted evening playing with the stars; when Nora realizes how sad and dark the sky is without any twinkling lights, she sends them back where they belong and falls contentedly asleep. Soft pastel drawings evoke the lush tropical setting and capture the whimsical mood of this quiet bedtime fantasy.”

La, La Rose is available new. Julia just walked by and said What’s THAT! I think we’re definitely going to have to check this one out. The story follows a beloved stuffed bunny as it gets lost and is accidentally passed around through the Luxembourg Gardens in Paris, before being reunited with her little girl owner, Clementine.

Lovely books, lovely flowers – both make me feel oh so happy!

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  1. Editorial: My husband just told me that we took these pix not last year, but the year before that. Apparently 2 yrs ago was the last time we had a lovely spring. Which makes me wonder AGAIN, WHY and I NOT living in HAWAII anymore??? ~Melissa