June 14, 2011

Tiny Tot Tuesday: The Rad Dad Edition

“The view from high atop Daddyland is soooooooo awesome!”

“My daddy does all the rad, cool stuff with me that my mama is too lazy to do. She thinks touching sea stars is ooky.” (Well it IS.)

Geek Dad is a book I’m thinking Andrew would appreciate for Father’s Day:

Um, there’s a little wee picture of:

-- a rocket,

-- a telescope,

-- some kind of shape that probably has a name I can’t pronounce,

-- and a DRAGON. Yeah, I’ll be ordering this ASAP.

There is also this one:

Doesn’t this sound fun? And it uses the word “awesome” in the description. That’s awesome!

Hey Andrew, you’re not reading today’s post are you?? Don’t look!

“This book will be indispensable for the legions of backyard toy-rocket launchers and fireworks fanatics who wish every day was the Fourth of July.” – William Gurstelle, named to Wired’s 2009 Smart List.

Andrew actually already owns ‘Backyard Ballistics’ -- one of his brothers gave it to him a couple years ago. I think he is very excited and patiently waiting for Julia to get to an age where he can blow stuff up with her. (I’m a little worried.) So I don’t need to get him this one, but the dad in your life might appreciate it, if he’s as into making things go kaboom as is Mr. Andrew. Many a terrible movie has been somewhat saved in his esteemed opinion by the strength of the explosions and blowing-stuff-up-ness.

A friend suggested I get Andrew some ‘Star Wars’ cooking utensils from Williams-Sonoma:

Andrew can have this spatula only if I can have a Hello Kitty spatula.

I’m still not sure what Andrew’s getting for Father’s Day, but if you’re looking for the sweetest little Daddy-child toddler book, take a peek at the book “I Love My Daddy”, which was a gift from my mom-in-law a few years ago:

This is a book I read countless times to Julia when she was a toddler. She just loved this sweet, sweet story about the ways a Daddy bear takes care of his little one.

I’d love to hear your ideas about what you are planning for your family’s Father’s Day! I’m sure Andrew’s perfect gift would entail FREE TIME to sit in the backyard and read a book . . . I’ll have to see if I can manage to convince him that the perfect Father’s Day present would be him taking me to see the new ‘X-Men’ movie!


  1. I have to buy the Geek Dad book. Thanks for the idea! Also, did you see the book Coolest Dad on the Block! I might have to get that one too. Placing my Amazon order right now!

  2. Oh you are soooo welcome Gretchen! Glad to be an idea supplier! I love that the books says 'Raising Geek Generation 2.0' on the cover, hilarious! I haven't seen that other book, I'll have to give that a look-see :)~Melissa