June 13, 2011

Visions of Summer

I see you Summer, I know you’re out there . . . maybe sometime in mid-July you will put in an appearance? Until you really make your presence known, I’ll look at these summery adornments and items of loveliness and nifty treats and wish that you would kindly get yourself into high gear around here . . .

Presenting, my summer wish list for my imaginary garden party! (My real one won’t be nearly this fancy.)

I guess I can’t wish for the whole Anthropologie store, but I do wish this were hanging in my yard...wouldn’t this be the most perfect reading spot ever?

Oh Anthropologie. Why must you break my heart like this? Why must your hanging chair thingy be almost $500?

But while I am stopping in at Anthro in my mind, I’d love this tablecloth adorning my table . . .

Donna Hay’s Seasons cookbook is one I want to look at, I mean cook from:

I saw these darling red shoes over at Design Mom, I think Julia would just love them!

(I’d also like the cobblestone street! It would make the shoes extra tip-tappy.)

The summer issue of Sweet Paul is out:

A gorgeous online magazine, this one can also be purchased in print. I want to eat the cover! (What’s ON the cover.)

I MUST make the recipe for cherry jam!! I think I have finally decided that cherry and plum are my favorite kinds of jam.

And look at these fun books from my favorite online kid shop, Magic Cabin:

And this book would be entertaining for little ones on a summer road trip, or any kind of trip, really. I’m a huge, huge fan of Usborne books. They are amazingly detailed, sturdy and well made, and make Info About The World accessible and FUN.

Magic Cabin has some great stuff in their summer catalog. Isn’t this firefly lantern just darling?

Our last kite is irreparably broken, I am thinking Julia would love this ladybug kite . . .

(Actually she would probably rather have one with a dragon on it. She’s way into dragons right now!)

Check out this mini-telescope/microscope! SO Cool! And what a fabulous price!

And lastly, if you haven’t tried the oh-so-refreshing drink Pimm’s Cup (Or as I call it, ‘summer in a glass’), you MUST. It’s pretty, it’s amazing, it will make your spirits sigh and say ‘Thank you’. You can find a recipe here. (We always use ginger ale as the soda base.) Don’t forget the cucumber and lemon slices, it’s essential!

(photo via http://budgetbytes.blogspot.com)

This drink is for Mommies and Daddies. NOT kids! They can have a strawberry-marshmallow shake.

(From the Spring 2011 Kid’s Issue of Sweet Paul.)

What about you? Do you have any summery fun that you want to share with the crowd? Take a look at this list of Fun Summer Things to Do from Ohdeedoh – tons of fun ideas!


  1. I hadn't heard of Sweet Paul before. What a cool magazine!

  2. Super cool isn't it? Totally right up your alley! ~Melissa