July 18, 2011

Are you ready for THE OCTONAUTS?

Welcome to Ocean Week!

So for this book, you need to be prepared. Really really ready.

Because once you introduce this book to your child, you are going to be reading this book A LOT.

Unlike some books which shall remain nameless, reading this one twenty gazillion times. . . . or for the rest of your life, potentially, won’t make you loopy or feel like hurling the book across the room screaming, “NO MORE!”

THIS one, I promise you, you will ENJOY reading over and over. And I promise you your kids are going to lose their minds over it! I think without a shadow of a doubt that these little aquatic cuties are the most fun under-the-sea creatures I’ve ever come across.

Certain books are so entertaining and special, I have to talk about them all by themselves. ‘Mouk’ is a book like that as well, if you recall that conversation. Julia just adores this darling story about a group of friendly aquatic creatures called ‘The Octonauts’, who perform special undersea missions to benefit those who inhabit their underwater world.

The Octonauts are comprised of eight crewmembers and you can see each one and read little bios on them all here. Julia’s favorite characters are Kwazii Kitten and Tunip the Vegimal.

In ‘The Octonauts & the Frown Fish’, the Octonauts are trying their darndest to figure out why their new friend the Frown-Fish is so frowny and sad. He’s SO sad that it’s making everyone else sad! Gracious, that won’t do!

So they bake the Frown-Fish some treats. They take him out to play. They go to the library. They play miniature under-the-sea golf. They dress him up in fun costumes.

He is STILL FROWNY. The reason why eludes the plucky crew until an astute discovery is made:

The books were written and illustrated by Meomi (partners Vicki Wong and Michael Murphy). Meomi is the company responsible for the darling design of the Vancouver 2010 mascots, FYI.

I think the Octopod looks super ultra fantastically fun! And look at the bottom left of the picture, see the little family of sea stars with their hats and backpacks? The book is full of fun little details like that.

There are other books in the series, which look enchanting and we can’t wait to track them down as well! You can find out more about the books as well as ordering info over at the Octonauts website.

Charming, delightful and fun. Is there an adjective I left out? I think these books are going to be some of the most reached for in your book arsenal, but like I said, prepare yourself. There’s a whole lot of cuteness packed in between the book covers!

(Image credits for Vancouver 2010 mascots: http://blog.drawn.ca/. Image credits for the last three books, the Octopod image and for Kwazii/Tunip via Octonauts.com)


  1. wow, its so cute, totally adorable


  2. Hi Vasu!! Thanks so much for coming to see us today! I checked out your Etsy shop, you have LOVELY things -- so beautiful! ~Melissa

  3. Hi! I'd never heard of the Octonauts... until I read about them last friday- and then we watched them for the first time today- so great! I can't wait try out the books

  4. My daughter watches the show but I hadn't realized there was a book series - way too cute!!

    1. The books are AMAZING -- you must get your hands on them!