July 25, 2011

Delightful Dollhouses

Happy Monday to all! You know, I’ve always been fascinated by dollhouses, and more importantly, the Items of Extreme Smallness that dwell within them. I was given an immense dollhouse when I was seven, and I saved it all of my life to give to my child. (Boy or girl, it didn’t matter, someone was going to get my dollhouse someday!) I’ll show you pictures of it in a post coming shortly.

Today though, I want to show you some dollhouse ideas that are a bit off the beaten path – I figure anyone can go find a dollhouse they fancy and there are so many wonderful choices out there! But these ideas below are special and different. Some are DIY and some are available ready to purchase but all are memorable.

The Land of Nod has a BLOG; it’s called Honest to Nod. And guess what, it’s fabulous! There is a wonderful make-your-own dollhouse tutorial that I highly suggest you check out. Look below, aren’t these darling? And what I really extra love is that this activity seems within my crafting capabilities, which are really limited.

Here’s the icing on the craft for me, and I’m wondering why such a simple idea never crossed my mind – how cool is it to glue on yarn as embellishment around the window frames and as a décor feature? Don’t you love the yarn “grass” and “flowers”?

Here’s a picture from the new Land of Nod catalog. See the dollhouses on top of the hutch and the little one on the floor? I am so enchanted by them!

And take a peek at these dollhouses from the all-things-wonderfully-Scandinavian shop Huset – I think these miniature brownstones are so unique and special! They also lend themselves to DIY flair, as the little houses can be drawn on with crayons and markers or wallpapered. I love the idea of dollhouses doubling as a tiny little city.

(Wallpapering dollhouse walls is fun!! Except not really at midnight on Christmas Eve, when I decided that my dollhouse needed new wallpaper before it was presented to Julia on Christmas morning.)

I’m completely smitten with this lovely from Upon a Fold – it’s a pop-up dollhouse! Apparently all you do is punch out the pieces from tabs and insert them together – no tape, scissors or glue required! There’s something about the simple purity of this one that I just adore.

Do you all know about the King of Crafts, Joel Henriques? His blog, Made by Joel is just stunning. And INSPIRING! How simple, lovely and brilliant is his idea to make a platform dollhouse? This just knocks me out with its uncluttered beauty. SO great for the imagination to take stage, as opposed to the stuff.

I saw this cool take on a dollhouse idea last year on one of my favorite sites, Dinner A Love Story – it’s a hidden dollhouse! It hides on the back of a cabinet door! Again, such a brilliant idea and so easy to do. Jenny, the Mom o’ Awesome who keeps providing the most tasty recipes day after day (And she also has great kid book ideas!) came up with this fab plan to keep her daughters occupied while she was cooking. See below:

Jenny had her kids cut out pictures from her favorite decorating magazines and then tape them onto the back of the cabinet door, using painters tape to outline the individual “rooms”. Her daughters then used their paper dolls to hop about in and around the little world they had created!

I’ve got a few really special dollhouse books to discuss this week so come by and visit us for the rest of our tour of All Things Small. . .

(Image credits: blog.landofnod.com, Huset.com, Upon a Fold.com.au, Made by Joel.com, Dinner a Love Story.com)


  1. I love the cardboard brownstone and firehouse. So clever!

    My folks made a dollhouse for me when I was a little girl. I still remember feeling absolutely enchanted when I woke up Christmas morning to see my very own wooden dollhouse underneath the tree. We saved it and my daughter gets to play with it at Ama and Papa's house whenever we visit. :D I can't wait to see yours!

  2. Ooooooh a handmade dollhouse, that is so cool! Dollhouses are so magical, aren't they? ~Melissa

  3. These are awesome--I've always wanted to make our own dollhouse, but at this point I would be the only one having any fun. Trying to hold out till Juliet can enjoy it, too. :)

  4. Oh I hear you Miss V! I did come across something last year, can't remember where -- where you cut out the backs of cereal boxes and the like, and paint over the fronts and cut out windows and doors -- we did that last holiday season and Julia liked doing that a lot, we painted and glittered the fronts and then I sort of taped a cardboard "floor" in the midsection of the box -- it was all very haphazard and they weren't the most sturdy structures in the world but it took up most of one afternoon on a yucky day! ~Melissa

  5. My in-laws made my girls a doll house. It is so thoughtful - they made all the furniture to look like furniture from our house. They even took photographs of our fireplace and stuck it to the walls and used flooring similar that in our house. So special!

  6. Oh my goodness Helen! I want to see pix! You should do a post about it so we can see :) What amazing grandparents! ~Melissa