July 29, 2011

Dollhouse Bookshelves

Happy Friday! As we wrap up our tour of Dollhouse Land, I’d like to leave you with some images of two of my favorite things combined – Dollhouses + Bookshelves!

I mentioned the other day that the new Land of Nod catalog is out and I found it brimming with inspiration. I especially loved this freestanding dollhouse bookcase:

And I was pleasantly surprised by Land of Nod’s cute, toddler friendly dollhouse furniture, which is on sale right now!

While I’m sighing at the pricing of this Dollhouse Light Up Shelf from Pottery Barn Kids, there’s no denying how darn cute it is. It lights up! (Maybe a sale will happen soon.)

And of course, my favorite store in the world, a.k.a. Target, has their own spin on the dollhouse bookcase theme. Apparently there is more storage in the lift-up attic:

1) Dollhouse Bookcase, $109.99. 2) Firehouse Bookcase, $119.99.

And for a DIY option, I saw this dollhouse shelf over at the lovely, lovely site, Melissa Loves (um, cool name right?):

I emailed Melissa to ask about it and while she was still trying to track down the source of this picture, she said she believes it is simply a dollhouse mounted upon a shelf!

Have a lovely weekend and hope to see you all next week!

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  1. I want all these doll houses! I've been perusing your site for the last few minutes and have loved what I've found. I will definately be back... would love to have you stop by mine