July 20, 2011

Into the Mermaid Lagoon

There’s just something about mermaids. . . those fairies of the sea. . . .

Do you know what I think it is? The Hair. When I was a little girl, I remember spending a lot of time submerging myself in a swimming pool trying to fan out my hair so it would look floaty like a mermaid. (This was in Hawaii mind you, I had access to water most of the year.)

But it’s something else. (Besides The Hair.) I think that sea dwelling mermaids possess a mystique that is lacking in other mythical creatures like fairies. . . there is something about the ability to live in water that will be forever captivating to the imagination.

And for a peek at someone REALLY into mermaids, you must check out this site! Go check, I’ll wait. Back? We can discuss. Isn’t she amazing?? And she’s written a book that may turn into a film! I’m totally going to read the book.

Here’s the sweetest story for your Little Mermaid, it’s such a favorite in our house:

‘The Tiniest Mermaid’ is really adorable, Julia likes to read this one all the time! It taps into that most favorite of Childhood Dreams – the Magical Secret Friend known only to you. How I longed for such a friend when I was young! I found comfort in finding these special friends in books, which I suppose is the true enchantment of literature.

More mermaid book goodness:

1)  ‘Mermaid Things to Make and Do’. 2)  ‘Step Inside Mermaids: A Magic 3-Dimensional World of Mermaids’. 3) ‘The Secret History of Mermaids and Creatures of the Deep’. 4) Mermaid Diary, $9.89.

*Note on ‘The Secret History of Mermaids’ – I have flipped through this one many times, but I’ve refrained from buying yet because it’s way above Julia – this one would be great for ages 8 or 9+, there is a TON of cool information and mermaid factoids but it’s definitely for older kids.

You may remember in my Strawberry post that I talked about how much I fancy Kathe Kruse dolls. Oh how I love them, but often I see the price and hang my head in sadness. However, I found some of her mermaid dolls that were a.) IN STOCK and b.) somewhere in the realm of reasonable! (When you consider that these dolls are exquisitely 100% handcrafted and made from all natural materials.)

1) Anemone Waldorf Mermaid, $49.98. 2) Quarius Green Waldorf Mermaid & Friend Set, $64.98. 3) Melosine Blue Waldorf Mermaid & Friend Set, $64.98.

A satchel perfect for a mermaid’s lunch. . . or her sand dollars. . .

Mermaid Lunchbox, $14.95 from Lunchboxes.com.

And lastly, some art that I find just enchanting. . . I love how fun and fresh these pieces are. Mermaids having tea parties? I’m SO ON BOARD!! Sorry, I really must do something about the internet shouting. . .

Mermaid Play Day Canvas Reproduction, $149.00.

Mermaid Tea Party Canvas Reproduction, $159.00.

And for more all-things-mermaid lovely, check out Chasing Fireflies – they have an entire mermaid section that is fairly comprehensive in its iridescent glory!

Do you have a “mermaid thing” even as an adult? I still remember absolutely loving the movie ‘Splash’ (Totally dating myself here!). I still assert that it’s all about the hair. . . .and the shimmer. Shimmery hair? Whatever it is, I think it’s been pretty well established that the mermaid continues to have enduring appeal in literature, art, film. . . . and lunchboxes.

Image Credits: Mermaids and Mer-Baby illustration by Flora White, from ‘Peter Pan’s ABC’ (1913). The book is only available as a highly expensive collectible. I’ve seen it priced anywhere from $200 to $900. For hi-res scans of the art, contact peterpan@gosh.org.


  1. I love the first picture of the mama mermaid holding her baby. So sweet! And that lunchbox is ADORABLE! :)

  2. Oh I am so in love with that vintage Flora White illustration of the mermaids and the mer-baby!! And as far as lunchboxes go, I can already tell how Julia's school years are going to go down: Julia picks a lunchbox and then MOMMY picks a lunchbox. . .apparently experiencing childhood once wasn't enough for me. . . .~Melissa