July 8, 2011

Midsummer Moments

So I’m being slightly fuzzy and less-than-accurate with my random assignment of today as Midsummer, (which typically is considered to fall anywhere between June 21 and June 24) but I hope you’ll forgive this creative license!

Here’s my question: how can midsummer be in June when summer starts in June? I’m not sure I understand this. Did you know that in Scandinavia, Midsummer’s Eve is the most celebrated holiday after Christmas? I didn’t until I looked it up!

Midsummer for me, represents all that is lovely and will be forever linked in my mind to Shakespeare’s famous play -- so I tend to associate it with ethereal and sun sparkled imagery. . .

 . . . . which is also always found in Victoria magazine. It sounds silly to say out loud, ‘I love magazines.’ But there are a few magazines that I genuinely viewed as friends in my life, and I truly mourned their passing when some of them left me.

(Domino? I’ll NEVER get over losing that one.)

Victoria was my first great magazine love when I was in my 20’s and in the throes of my shabby chic adoration phase. When it arrived each month, I seriously would do a happy dance in front of the mail box. Ok, I just now am seeing a mental picture of that and cringing a little. That shows you how much I loved that darn magazine that I am 1) owning up to such a memory and that 2) I am cringing just a little.

The recipes in Victoria, by the way, are amazing. I have several of their cookbooks!


Victoria also became a casualty to the magazine battlefields for a number of years, which was sad for me, but by that time, I had begun to outgrow my granny chic stage (My husband Andrew is probably going to read this and say, oh REALLY?) and not long after, Domino entered my life and I began to breathe in everything that magazine preached to me.

My décor aesthetic became more modern and I was just ready to embrace a hipper vibe. (In my mind. I have never been hip and never will be hip, but that’s ok, because I’m what I like to deem myself as “charmingly eccentric”. Andrew would call it something else, but let’s not ask him!)

And then Domino folded. ( As did Cookie. I can’t speak.) And magically, Victoria rose again like a phoenix, just in time to comfort my wounded soul. I decided I would go back to revisit my old friend and while I am still more in a Domino place in my life, Victoria really is just lovely and has wonderful recipes and will always hold a special place reserved Just For Magazines in my little pretty-picture loving heart. And even if Domino came back, I would still love it but lately Elle Décor has been holding me spellbound. . . .

. . . . and so has Sunset magazine. Is anyone else loving Sunset? I remember when I was a young girl thinking ‘only really OLD people read that’. I’m totally into it lately!

Have a Midsummery weekend and come back to play with us next week. Was anyone else out there super devastated about losing Domino and Cookie? And Gourmet? (You see how I got into blogs. All my magazines went away!)

(Image credits: Victoria magazine, Domino magazine. Midsummer Night’s Eve painting by John George Naish via 1st-art-gallery.com)

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