July 12, 2011

A Miracle at Sanrio

Friends,Tiny Tot Tuesday will have to resume next week. Something of Momentous Importance has gone down.

I have to warn you, this entire post might be BOLDED, underlined and italicized. You may know by now that those things happen when I get particularly enthused about something. No, I’m not yelling through the screen, as my husband Andrew keeps telling me I’m doing.

It happened. We met her.

(Note from Andrew. This picture is terrifying.)

Some of you may have clued in to the fact that we like Hello Kitty around here to the point of ridiculousness. Except if you say that to my face we might have to get into a wee little skirmish. Or perhaps I might have to thumb wrestle you and lose. And that would just be awkward and sad for everyone, wouldn’t it?

So let’s just keep on indulging my attempts to make sure my kid gets to have the Hello Kitty filled childhood I DIDN’T GET TO HAVE. (Mom? Dad? Anyone? Do you see what not having Hello Kitty in my life as a child did to me? It made me take to the internet to yap about it and bother nice people all over the world with my ravings, I mean musings about She Who Is Most Awesome.

Hello Kitty is such a chick o’ hipness that she likes to flash the peace sign at ya. At least that's what I think it is. Oh and please notice Julia’s outfit! Is that not priceless? I think this picture right here might be the realization of every hope and dream I have ever had in my life – all coalescing into the Perfect Storm of . . .pink. Thanks for the outfit Grandma!! Grandma is a tad miffed that I didn’t call her before we raced like insane banshees, I mean, calmly and rationally made our way to the mall.

Here’s a closeup of the outfit because we all know what’s important in this life, do we not? Let it not be said that I don’t have my priorities screwed on straight.

Anatomy of a hug. Please forgive any blurriness, my hands were a bit unsteady:


I can't decide if Julia looks pleased or freaked out here. Going to this event, my friends, was like going to Oscars. They had SWAG. For the small fee of $5 (I wonder how many parents got roped into this that day?), you got to enter the Fun Zone (I think that’s what they called it.) and ‘win’ prizes.

(Andrew here. Yeah, that’s a sweet deal they’ve got going, to make you fork over $5 for 25 cents worth of plastic crap. . . and then the mommies end up buying MORE stuff. That’s a pretty good business model actually.)

Julia won three gift bags! Including the grand prize! I still don’t know what that means! I think there was an extra eraser in her bag. Or something.

There was face painting, oh yes, there was face painting. Which consisted of three black kitty whiskers on each cheek and a spot of color on the nose. And a paper crown. Man, that five dollars really just keeps on giving, you know?

As you can see, I think Hello Kitty and the kind folks at the Sanrio store were beginning to wonder if we were going to continue to stalk, oopsie, hang out and chill with Hello Kitty all day long. We got the hint. I’m sure that there are so many who were making the pilgrimage to the Sanrio store that day, and it was time for us to go ponder the wonder of what we had just experienced.

And with three gift bags of various small articles and trinkets, Julia still managed to talk Mommy into getting her a coin purse. (Andrew here. See?) And I talked her into getting a Hello Kitty poster for my room, holy toledo why does this keep happening? HER room. It’s going in HER room. I’ll just keep repeating that until it becomes reality. . . .

Sanrio store stuff can be found here, by the by. Is there a support group I can join?

And THANKS to my pal Gretchen who let me know about this amazing event at the Sanrio store. I’d give you my first born but she’s a handful! The irony in all this? She will probably grow up and HATE Hello Kitty.


  1. You got some great pictures! Saffron had so much fun seeing Hello Kitty! Although I did tell her before we went into the store that she had to pose for at least one picture. Otherwise she would have been too shy. And the prizes where amazing to a 5 year old.

  2. Thanks lady!! Totally, what use would going to the Hello Kitty store be without the photo op? :) Oh yeah, Julia is still going over each and every little piece that came in the giftbags, she's peeved with the kitten because the kitten ate off the strap on one of the charm thingamabobs....c'est la vie :) ~Melissa

  3. Oh, the joy! How lucky you two are. :)

  4. I'm telling you, I can cross one off the bucket list now! ~Melissa