July 26, 2011

Tiny Tot Tuesday: Miniature Worlds

A life in miniature is endless enthralling to me. Why is it that the smaller things become, the more the cuteness becomes magnified?

I’ve mentioned before that I love/adore/worship/cherish all things Charlie & Lola. I’m not sure you can imagine the level of jaw dropping that occurred when I saw this handmade dollhouse ode to Charlie & Lola.

I first read about this magic creation on Ohdeedoh – for more photos and the full fabulous how-to-do-it of it all, you can hop over to Amy Hanson’s site, Sweet Sweet Life. This is without a doubt one of the coolest dollhouse creations I’ve ever seen!

Our book today is equally special. ‘Sarah’s Room’, written by Doris Orgel and illustrated by the magician of children’s art, Maurice Sendak, is that rare story that will entertain toddlers and older kids alike. I love books that straddle multiple age groups seamlessly and so well! A dollhouse figures prominently in the book as a source of all things delightful and enticing to a Very Small Child.

‘On Sarah’s wall, green trees grow tall, and morning glories bloom. Of all the rooms in all the world, the best is Sarah’s room.’

The book itself is miniature sized, rather akin to Sendak’s Nutshell Library collection. Although the title mentions Sarah, it’s really Jenny, Sarah’s little sister, who explores the magical world that is her big sister’s room. To Jenny, Sarah’s room is as fairytale a place as the dollhouse that resides within it!

At the end, Jenny is allowed to play in her sister’s room in reality and not just in her dreams. This little book is so captivating and lovely! Julia wanted this read to her over and over and she is now practicing her reading with it.

I’d love to hear about your own dollhouse favorites! Or thoughts on dollhouses in general. . .

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