July 14, 2011

Write Me a Letter

As you can probably guess, around here at Julia’s Book Bag, we have a great fondness for all things wordiful. In fact, I find it especially entertaining to make up my own! Now mostly we like our words to be of the printed variety in pretty books, but Julia also loves to write (transcribe) her own Epic Tales of Adventure and Kitty Cats down on paper and she loves to send notes to her buddy who lives in California. She also gets really excited about fairy notes and getting letters from Mommy and Daddy in her ‘mailbox’ that we created out of an old shoebox.

So today I thought I’d put together a whole whopping boatload of children’s stationery and letter writing kit ideas together for you to hopefully put a little fun back into the lost art of writing a letter. Oh and you should check out the site Simply Modern Mom – they’ve been doing the most amazing origami pen-pal tutorials over there!

Of course, our lovely sponsors at The Kawaii Notebook have more adorable letter writing options for kids than I can possibly show you here, but here is a small sampling to give you a taste of the darling stationery treats they have available. . . .you will have to travel far and wide to ever find anything more fun or as cute!

1) Cute Animal Pens. 2) Peter Pan Letter Writing Set. 3) Kawaii Air Balloon Letter Writing Set. 4) Japanese Kawaii Letter Writing Set – Happy Elephant. 4) Little Squirrel Letter Writing Set (Design 2). 5) Craft Letter Writing Set – Lion.

I saw this darling stationery set over at Ohdeedoh the other day and instantly fell in love with it. This customized, printable stationery kit seriously is the most complete letter writing set I’ve ever seen! Now, you do have to print out a good deal of it yourself or take it to a print shop, but look at what the kit includes:

- Custom letterhead with tracer lines for ages Pre-K through 2nd grade
- Custom Letterhead with wide rules for 3rd grade and up
- Custom Thank-You Cards
- Custom Self-Mailing Envelope Template
- Pen Pal-ship Certification Cards
- Coordinating Patterned Papers
- Custom Return Address Labels
- Custom “You’ve Received Happy Mail” Stickers
- Custom Stickers with Your Child’s Name
- Printing Tips
- Gift Ideas
- Pen-Pal Communication Information
- Instructions

You can make the pictures resemble your own kiddo’s likeness!

And of course, you know now that I’m totally obsessed with Dumpling Dynasty kits. They are off-the-charts cute! I would love love to get my hands on this Chinese Writing Kit, $18. The set includes a darling keepsake tin that holds a gorgeous notebook, a set of Dumpling Dynasty pencils in assorted colors, a Chinese writing stencil, as well as a self-inking stamp and an eraser! Can you say THE PERFECT GIFT?

And lastly today, I wanted to show you some really lovely stationery and notecards from Fine Stationery.com. The site has a huge assortment of personalized styles, are available monogrammed and can be ordered in bulk. (There is a minimum order of at least 10 cards for most sets.) Children LOVE to see their names in print!

1) Storytime Girl Notecard. 2) Fairy Flat Card. 3) Ice Cream Note Card. 4) Tractor Foldover. 5) Nursery Rhymes Note Card. 6) Sports Flat Card. 7) Blue Madras Patch.

I’m particularly smitten with the Nursery Rhyme set and I told you that my inner prepster was mad for plaid, so of course I’m loving the madras cards!

Check out this Robot Stationery Set, which comes with moving parts and blinking eyes and includes notecards, postcards, robot themed writing sheets, robot stickers and envelopes! This would be an amazing gift.

And for you letter writing grown folk out there – ditto the fabulous gift idea with this House Note Card Set, which comes with assorted notecards and envelopes. Suggested as the perfect housewarming present -- I would have to agree with that assessment. . .

I hope something here has struck your fancy and inspired you to inspire your kids to pick up the pen, crayon or marker and write someone an amazing letter!(I wish I could do calligraphy.)

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