August 29, 2011

Bubble Homes and Fish Farts

Yes, you heard right. We’re exploring fishy flatulence today. And I have to warn you, there are more tooty tales coming later in the week. Could you expect anything less from the chick who put her kiddo’s picture of a bunny sitting on a toilet on the internet? But first, here are some bubblelicious photos from our recent excursion to Lake Chelan, which is about a 3 hour drive to Eastern Washington from where we are.

We had to flee east over the mountains to chase down some sunny summer weather. It seriously only became what I would consider warm in the Seattle area about two weeks or so ago. (Um excuse me, weather? That’s lame FYI.) Everyone is referring to this year’s summer as the Summer that Came at the End of Summer. How ironic. I’m not so fond of irony, I’ve decided.

(Speaking of weather, I hope all you East Coasters are safe and ok. . .)

Lakes in the summertime. The best! The kidlet swims, and swims, and swims some more. “Mama! Watch me! Are you watching me? Everyone! Watch me! Are you ALL watching? Watch this!” Now imagine that with each new trick she performs, that phrase in its entirety is repeated. She likes to do a lot of tricks. So therefore we heard that same phrase about 200 times a day.

(Have I mentioned that I love my daughter with all of my being? But oh how she loves to talk. Every minute of every day while she’s awake. People never believe me, and then they hang with her and are like, Is she always this chatty? Oh yessy yes yes!)

So now, before you get all up in my grill about the flatulence thing, (Oh wait until you see the story that’s coming in a couple days. Giggle.) let me say that this book is educational. And informative!

See? Doesn’t this look like a nice book?

“Bubbles are soft and squishy and full of air. They shimmer. They float. And they are very handy. Animals make bubbles, ride bubbles, breathe bubbles, and even live in bubbles. Animals use bubbles in amazing ways.”

‘Bubble Homes and Fish Farts’ tells ya ALL about the different ways aquatic creatures use bubbles. What’s awesome about this book is that the info is presented in an approachable, easy-to-understand way so that a 5 year old can appreciate it.

It also lays out some really cool and interesting factoids that older kids are going to be very stoked about getting into their fact-gathering brains. Do you know much about Weddell Seals? Snapping Shrimp? Pearl Gourami? Your kids will after this book!

You gotta read it to find out which creatures make fish farts. (Oh ok. Herrings.) And now you know where my humor level arrested.


  1. Hahaha. I bet kids loooove this book. I know my daughter would. :) Thanks for sharing!

  2. You bet! It's got a lot of cute animal info :) ~Melissa