August 23, 2011

Cool Coloring Books

No Tiny Tot for the next couple of weeks just because I’ve got too much I’ve got to cram into these last couple of weeks before the big K begins. (Who do you think is going to be doing a lot of crying in the car after drop-off occurs? I think you know.)

I was very inspired by yesterday’s Colorful Birthday Extravaganza, so here’s more enticing color goodness, this time of the DIY variety. . . .

‘Rosie Flo’s Travel Coloring Book’, $8.99.

‘Hello Kitty Friendship Doodles’, $7.95.

‘That’s not my. . . coloring book Animals’, $4.99.

‘Color, Paint and Draw Insects’, $5.95. ‘The ABC’s of Yoga for Kids’, $5.95.

‘Doodles at Dinner’, $9.34.

‘Enviroscapes’, $6.95. ‘Doodle On! Rainy Day Doodles’, $12.47.

‘Putumayo Kids Europe Coloring Book’, $9.95.

I think it’s cool how coloring books these days are not as passive as they used to be – they are far more engaging and interactive – asking children to use their imaginations to create/finish/interpret the scene according to their own unique view.

In my ‘Ode to Anthropologie’ post, I wrote about Herve Tullet, who is a coloring book genius. You should check out his work as well! Which one is your favorite? (THE HELLO KITTY ONE!) Do you have any other creative coloring book loves?

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